• Welcome Everyone! 


    Mrs. O’Leary and Miss Walker


    Welcome Back!  We hope you had a great and relaxing summer with your families and welcome to the start of the new school year! We have so many exciting projects slated for this coming year.  All students have been working on a “what makes me, me cube. These individual projects show how we are the same and different.  How we celebrate. What our families look like and what interests our students have. Please check out all the amazing work by our talented students throughout the school.

    A reminder to all students, please keep an old paint shirt in your classrooms for those really messy art days.  We usually will let each classroom teacher know when those days will be.

    Please ask your children what they did in art each week, often projects are carried over for some weeks at a time. 4 th and 5 th grade students have a sketchbook, which is intended to be used for class or free time work. We hope students will actually look at what it is they are drawing. We think it is important for them to draw by observing objects.  Parents, please take the time to view your child’s sketches, if they decided to bring them home.

    Volunteers are always welcome, especially in grades K-2.  Please have your child ask for a volunteer form to take home or ask for one via Google.

    Continue to be good recyclers!  We use many recyclable materials like: clear egg cartons, 16oz. yogurt containers, plastic coffee containers, foil-type containers with peel off labels, yarn, ribbon, discontinued wallpaper books, magazines, and paper/plastic bags.

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    For Mrs. Garvin and Mrs. Johnson’s classes:



    We look forward to meeting you!