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    Today students received their book club calendar and their first homework assignment for their book club book. As a book club group, students assigned a certain amount of pages that need to be read by Monday, December 4th.  It is extremely important that students are reading and tracking while they are reading.  If they do not finish the reading and the tracking homework, students will NOT be able to participate in book club on Tuesday, Dember 5th.  

    Units of Study for the 2017-18 School Year:

    • Narrative Writing Unit of Study
    • Reading Short Fiction: Plot Mapping
    • Responding to Literature through Writing
    • Reading Realistic Fiction Book Clubs: Characterization
    • Poetry Reading, Analyzing and Writing
    • Argumentative Reading and Writing
    • Historical Fiction Book Clubs: Theme
    • Traditional Literature: Mythology and Storytelling
    • Nonfiction Writing
    • Mechanics and Language: Embedded within writing throughout the year
    • Speaking and Listening: These skills will be assessed during book club discussion and our Storytelling unit
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