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    Monday, May 20th (due Tuesday, May 21st)

    Guess what?  From now on, your homework will be listed in PowerSchool (also called Haiku).  Click here to log in.  

    Emily and Andrew, students made PowerSchool accounts in class today while you were absent. To create your PowerSchool user name, follow the directions below (where it says "Classwork for Monday, May 20th").  Email me if you get stuck.

    Classwork for Monday, May 20th

    1. Click here to go to Haiku
    2. The code is STRYF
    3. Click "Register"
    4. Click "Student" 
    5. For your username, use your school Google ID (leave off the lexingtonma.org) 
    6. For your password, use the password you use for your school Google account

    Wednesday, May 15th (due Thursday, May 16th)

    News - Ryan & Sophie S.

    packet p. 66

    Quiz Friday

    Tuesday, May 14th (due Wednesday, May 15th) 

    News - Sophie Z.N. & James Q.

    Quiz Friday

    Listening Video

    Monday, May 13th (due Tuesday, May 14th)

    News - Emerson & Matthew P.

    Complete both sides of the building blocks worksheet

    Update: Both classes, your end of chapter 6 quiz will be Friday.  THursday doesn't work because it is a half day with short blocks, and I am sure we can all agree Wednesday is too soon.  Apollo kids, I have signed you all up to take it Tuesday WIN. 

    Thursday, May 2nd (due Friday, May 3rd)

    News - Andrew & Lidia

    1. Signed Quizzes
    2. Green Sheet: 

    百,岁, 丑, 快乐, 极了(as in 好极了) 

    Wednesday, May 1st (due Thursday, May 2nd)

    No homework

    Tuesday, April 30th (due Wednesday, May 1st)

    Quiz tomorrow, chapter 6 picture page.  No other homework.

    Monday, April 29th (due Tuesday, April 30th)

    News - Daniel & Amaya

    Green Sheet - Any 6 words (hint - pick the 6 you think you need more practice with)

    Quiz Wednesday

    Friday, April 26th (due Monday, April 29th)

    News - Mirei & Dillon N.

    Listening video (write down what you hear in characters and translate to English)

    Thursday, April 25th (due Friday, April 26th)

    News - Adam & Michael

    Please translate the following to characters:

    1. Ma Da Ming is smart.
    2. My brother is taller than me.
    3. My dad is the tallest.
    4. Ma Da Ming isn't fat, he's skinny.
    5. She is very cute.
    6. Teacher Xie is very strict.
    7. My younger sister is short, she is not tall.
    8. Ma Da Ming isn't bad, he's very good.

    Wednesday, April 24th (due Thursday, April 25th)

    News - Kevin & Arthur

    Green Sheet: 

    聪明, 笨,严,坏,比,最

    Tuesday, April 23rd (due Wednesday, April 24th)

    News - Emma & Ryan L.

    Green Sheet:

    难看, 高, 矮, 瘦, 可爱 

    Monday, April 22nd (due Tuesday, April 23rd)

    News - James J. & Grace

    Bring in your signed quizzes and quarter 3 grade sheets

    Print your chapter 6 flashcards here

    Wednesday, April 10th (due Thursday, April 11th)

    News - Jade & Ella

    Packet p. 53

    Quiz Friday

    Tuesday, April 9th (due Wednesday, April 10th)

    News - Dillon & Adiel

    Listening video (if this takes you less than 20 min, spend the rest of your time studying for Friday's quiz)


    Tuesday, April 9th Classwork

    Video 1

    Video 2

    Monday, April 8th (due Tuesday, April 9th)

    News - Ray & Matthew C.

    Green Sheet:

    爱,多少, 几, 没有,只, 做, 真

    All chapter 5 quiz Friday

    Tuesday, April 2nd (due Wednesday, April 3rd)

    News - none

    Tonight, please work on your pop-up family projects for 20 minutes.  Here's some useful things to do:

    1. Upload your images here (if you haven't already)

    2. Spend time working on your draft.  Not sure how to type in Chinese on your draft?  Follow these directions.  Can't get the typing to work?  Write it out on paper the old-fashioned way! 

    Monday, April 1st (due Tuesday, April 2nd)

    No homework.  MCAS tomorrow!

    Friday, March 29th (due Monday, April 1st)

    News - Christy & Amy

    Next week you will be making pop-up family trees like this:


    For the project, you will need five photos or drawings of your family members.  If you have fewer than five members in your immediate family, include other relatives. If you have more than five members in your immediate family, you may include all of them (if you choose). It is OK to include family members who are no longer alive.  Pets can also be included as family members. You may include yourself or not.

    This weekend, please gather the photos you need.  I recommend taking new photographs for the project instead of using old photographs.  Here's what makes a good photo:

    • Shows the entire person (head to toe)
    • Good lighting

    If you can, please upload your photos here.  If not, just upload them to your Google Drive.  I will show you how to move them to the folder later.

    If you are choosing to draw your family members, please start your drawings this weekend. Stick figures are not acceptable. Your drawings need to reflect your best effort.

    Thursday, March 28th (due Friday, March 29th)

    News - Tristan & Anagha

    Green Sheet

    For tonight's green sheet please pick any 6 words from the picture page and your family job sheet.  If you pick some of the jobs that you don't need to learn to write (like 律师 and 护士) it is OK to use just the pinyin with tones for those ones.  

    Note - You need to pick 6 words, not just six characters.  For example 工程师 is one word.

    Hint - Pick the ones you don't know yet.

    Wednesday, March 27th (due Thursday, March 28th)

    News - Aiden & Laila

    Today in class you got back the writing paper for your family members' jobs.  Tonight, please turn the paper over, and write the characters out by stroke order.  Here are some resources to help you:

    Written Chinese

    Yellow Bridge

    Arch Chinese

    Reminder: If this homework takes you less than 20 minutes, please spend the rest of the time quizzing yourself with your flashcards.

    Classwork for Tuesday, March 26th

    Hi 6th Graders!  I am absent today.  Here's what to do:

    1. Christabel and Katie should present their news reports (Maddie & Irene, it is your turn tomorrow)
    2. Split into these groups: C Block Groups  F Block Groups
    3. Each group will be researching a new word.  Group #1 you are researching 律师.  Group #2 you are researching 工程师. Group #3 you are researching 商人.  Group #4 you are researching 运动员. 
    4. Each group should make a one shared Google Slides presentation to introduce their word.  That means one presentation per group and you all work on it.  Don't make one each! 

    Here's what to include:

    • The character
    • Pinyin
    • Stroke order
    • The origin of the character
    • Tricks you might use to remember the character (make this up)
    • Free Words (if there are any)

    Here's some websites to help you:

    Written Chinese (type the character into the search box, hit enter, and then click "learn more" to see stroke order.  There is a list of words that use that character if you scroll down, but remember, it is only a free word if you already know both of the characters already.)

    Hanziyuan (Type the character in the box and click the green button.  It will show you ancient versions of the character with an explaination of the character on the left side of the screen).

    Can't figure out how to type in Chinese on your iPad?  Ask another group or try this website instead (make sure you follow the directions on this website).


    This is the first time you have done this activity, so I know you will have lots of questions about what to do.  But, please just get as far as you can on your own.  I would like to see how much you can do independently.  If you finish, study for the next quiz. 

    Monday, March 25th (due Tuesday, March 26th)

    News - Christabel & Katie

    1. Have your last quiz signed
    2. Complete the jobs vocabulary worksheet

    Friday, March 22nd (due Monday, March 25th)

    No homework

    Thursday, March 21st (due Friday, March 22nd)

    Chapter 5 Quiz 1 tomorrow

    No other homework

    Wednesday, March 20th (due Thursday, March 21st)

    News - Emily & Sofia Y.C.

    Retakes tomorrow

    Picture page quiz Friday (no jobs vocabulary)

    Using your classmates' family trees, please answer the following questions in characters:

    Dillon, Emerson, Lidia, Sophie

    1. Dillon的中文名字是什么?
    2. Dillon有没有弟弟?
    3. Emerson有姐妹吗?
    4. Emerson的狗叫什么名字?
    5. Lidia的家有几个人?(几 = jǐ = how many)
    6. Lidia有姐姐吗?
    7. Carolyn是Sophie的姐姐吗?
    8. Sophie的家有几个人?

    ps.  I would have included more of your family trees, but pencil wasn't readable in the photos. :(

    Tuesday, March 19th (due Wednesday, March 20th)

    News - Ryan & Eugene

    Quiz Friday (picture page minus the jobs vocabulary)

    Retakes Thursday (don't forget your retake ticket)

    Please translate the following sentences:

    1. Do you have an older sister?
    2. Mr. Wang has two younger brothers.
    3. She does not have a little sister.
    4. My Chinese teacher has a lot of students.
    5. I am a big brother.
    6. My mother's father is an elementary teacher.

    Monday, March 18th (due Tuesday, March 19th)

    News - Sophie Z.N. & Sophie S.

    Listening video (write down what you hear in Chinese and translate to English)

    Thursday, March 14th (due Monday, March 18th)

    News - Emerson & James Q.

    Packet p. 52 & 57

    Tonight is the World Language Week International Potluck Dinner & Film Festival

    Remember - Drop in study sessions for the next retake happen tomorrow and Monday during D block.  See me for a pass.  Retakes Thursday the 21st.

    Wenesday, March 13th (due Thursday, March 14)

    News - Emerson & James Q.

    Packet p. 52

    All quarter 3 retakes Thursday, March 21st during WIN. 

    Drop in study sessions for the retake are this Friday and Monday lunch block.

    Tuesday, March 12th (due Wednesday, March 13th)

    News - Andrew & Matthew P.

    Please translate the following sentences to characters:

    1. He is my older brother.
    2. Her grandfather is Japanese. (father's father)
    3. Is that your mother?
    4. Li Ming is my little brother.
    5. My mother is also my friend.
    6. Is that his child?

    Monday, March 11th (due Tuesday, March 12th)

    News - Daniel & Lidia

    Listening Video

    Remeber - we have a 20 minute homework rule, so if you have been working on this for more than 20 minutes, it is OK to stop and have it signed by a parent.  You will get full credit as long as you have their signature on it.

    Friday, March 8th (due Monday, March 11th)

    News - Mirei & Amaya

    Green Sheet:

    爸爸, 妈妈, 哥哥,姐姐,弟弟,妹妹

    Thursday, March 7th (due Friday, March 8th)

    News - Michael & Dillon N.

    Green Sheet:


    Tuesday, March 5th (due Wednesday, March 6th)

    News - Kevin & Adam

    Click here to print your chapter 5 flashcards

    Friday, March 1st (due Monday, March 4th)

    News - Emma & Arthur

    Click here to find three of your classmate's letters.  Choose one of the three and translate it to English.  The Chinese dictionaties on my website under "tools" can help you if the letter you pick has new characters.

    Thursday, February 28th (due Friday, March 1st)

    News - James J. & Ryan L.

    Reply letter due tomorrow

    Do you have these elements?:

    1. Your name (first and last)
    2. Nationality
    3. School (小学/中学/大学)
    4. Languages
    5. Teachers (中文 and 英文)
    6. Opinions about things (are they 马马虎虎,还可以?)
    7. Friends (add details 1-6)
    8. Questions for the reader 

    Wednesday, February 27th (due Thursday, February 28th)

    News - Jade & Grace

    Begin writing your reply letter.  You will have time to peer-edit tomorrow.  Your finished letter is due Friday.

    Tuesday, February 26th (due Wednesday, February 27th)

    News - Dillon H. and Ella

    Translate the letter in your chapter 2-4 review packet.  It is OK to write in the packet on the bottom of the page.  You don't have to write it on a separate piece of paper.

    Monday, February 25th (due Tuesday, February 26th)

    News - Ray & Adiel

    1. Have your last quiz signed
    2. Complete the checklist in your chapters 2-4 review packet (remember, you're just making checkmarks, not writing in the pinyin and meaning).  Need a new copy?  Click here for a Word copy, or here for a PDF copy.


    Wednesday, February 13th (due Thursday, February 14th)

    News - Christy & Matthew C.

    Listening Video - Guess what, you have a choice tonight!  You can do this video OR this one. You only need to do one for homework.   If you want extra practice, feel free to do both, or just listen to the second one.  But, you only need to do one for homework.

    All chapter 4 quiz Friday


    Tuesday, February 12th (due Wednesday, February 13th. . . or Thursday if there is no school tomorrow)

    News - Tristan & Amy

    Packet p. 43

    All chapter 4 quiz Friday

    CNY Party Friday

    Monday, February 11th (due Tuesday, February 12th)

    News - Aiden & Anagha

    Each of the following sentences has an error.  Please write down a corrected version. If you aren't sure, just take your best guess.

    1.   她是我的小学同学生。
    2.   我是不老师。
    3.   我们是很好朋友。
    4.   你的新的老师怎么样?
    5.   你是不是小学生吗?
    6.   我很好也。

    Your all of chapter 4 quiz is Friday.  If you plan on attending Friday's Chinese New Year party, please don't forget to have a parent fill out the online permission slip.

    Friday, February 8th (due Monday, February 11th)

    News - Maddie & Leela

    Please translate the following to Chinese.  Reminder - Don't use Google Translate.  It will give you the wrong answer, and you'll learn more without it.  A better option is to use your book to help.

    1. Is that your elementary school?
    2. That is not my classmate.  
    3. Who is your Chinese teacher?
    4. Your Chinese is not bad.
    5. He is a very good student.


    Tuesday, February 5th (due Thursday, February 7th)

    News - Christabel & Irene

    Green Sheet:

    谁啊     请进    欢迎    新     来     怎么样    

    Friday, February 2nd (due Monday, February 4th)

    News - none

    Signed quizzes due Monday

    No other homework

    Thursday, January 31st (due Friday, February 1st)

    News - none

    Chapter 4 Quiz 1 tomorrow (just the picture page vocabulary)

    Signed progress reports and grade sheets also due tomorrow.

    Wednesday, January 30th (due Thursday, January 31st)

    News - Emily & Katie

    1. Signed grade reports and participation rubrics due Friday (please get both pages signed)
    2. Listening Video (Hint - If there is a word you get stuck on, use the glossary in the back of the textbook)

    Tuesday, January 29th (due Wednesday, January 30th)

    News - Ryan & Sofia Y.C.

    Finish packet page 38 (started in class today) & also complete page 39

    Monday, January 28th (due Tuesday, January 29th)

    News - Sophie Z. & Eugene

    Green Sheet:

    不错, 还可以, 马马虎虎,这,那,男,女

    Friday, January 24th (due Monday, January 28th)

    News - Emerson & Sophie S.

    Green Sheet:

    学生, 同学, 朋友, 先生, 太太, 小姐,很好

    Wednesday, January 23rd (due Thursday, January 24th)

    News - Andrew & James Q.

    Finish the new character presentations you began with your partner in class today.  You will be sharing them with the class tomorrow.

    Tuesday, January 22nd (due Wednesday, January 23rd)

    News - Daniel S. & Matthew P.

    Print your chapter 4 flashcards here.

    Signed quizzes also due Wednesday.

    Friday, January 18th (due Tuesday, January 22nd)

    News - none

    Signed quizzes due Wednesday

    Tuesday, January 15th (due Wednesday, January 16th)

    News - Mirei & Lidia

    Please translate the following sententes (don't answer them, just translate):

    1. What is your English teacher's name?
    2. Who is your Chinese teacher?
    3. My Chinese name is Ma Feng.
    4. What is your last name?
    5. My friend and I both have the last name Wang.

    All Chatper 2 Quiz Thursday

    Monday, January 14th (due Tuesday, January 15th)

    News - Michael & Amaya

    Green Sheet (pick any 6 words from the chapter that you think you need more practice with.  Note - it is 6 WORDS, not 6 CHARACTERS.  Multipe character words like 没关系 count as one.)

    If this takes you less than 20 minutes, you are expected to spend the rest of the time quizzing yourself with your flashcards.

    Friday, January 11th (due Monday, January 14th)

    News - Joey & Dillon N.

    Packet p. 32 (the page that says "reading tasks" and "tiao zhan" on the top

    If you lost your packet, please complete a green sheet instead.

    Thursday, January 10th (due Friday, January 11th)

    News - Kevin & Adam

    Green Sheet:


    Monday, January 7th (due Wednesday, January 9th)

    News - Emma & Arthur

    Over the weekend, you completed either the listening video below (see Friday, Jan 4) or packet page 31.  Please complete the other one tonight. 

    Friday, January 4th (due Monday, January 7th)

    News - James J. & Ryan L.

    Thursday, January 3rd (due Friday, January 4th)

    News - Jade & Grace

    Packet p. 25

    Wednesday, January 2nd (due Thursday, January 3rd)

    News - Dillon & Ella

    1. Have your last quiz signed
    2. Green Sheet: 

    的, 请问,听,叫

    Remember: If your Mandarin homework takes you less than 20 minutes, you need to spend the rest of the time studying for your next quiz (for example --> try quizzing yourself with your flashcards).

    Classwork for Friday, December 21st


    Video Title: Christmas in China 


    Christmas in China – CNC World Special Report 

    Wednesday, December 19th (due Thursday, December 20th)

    News - none

    Study! Quiz tomorrow

    Tuesday, December 18th (due Wednesday, December 19th)

    News - Ray & Adiel

    Listening video.  There is a small bit of new vocabulary here.  Please use your packet or book to help.  Your quiz is Thursday.

    Monday, December 17 (due Tuesday, December 18th)

    News - Christy & Matt C.

    Packet p. 29 (character connections)

    Thursday, December 13th (due Friday, December 14th) 

    News - Aiden & Anagha

    Listening Video (write what your hear in chracters and translate to English)

    Use your book to help if you get stuck.


    Wednesday, December 12th (due Thursday, December 13th)

    News - none

    Green Sheet: Pick any 6 characters from the picture page that you think you need more practice with.  If you choose the stroke order green sheet, remember to look at the answers in the packet to help you.


    Tuesday, December 11th (due Wednesday, December 12th)

    News - Maddie & Leela

    Listening Video (write what you hear in characters and don't forget to translate to English). 

    There is some new vocabulary.  It is OK to use your book or packet to help you.


    Friday, December 7th (due Monday, December 10th)

    News - Christabel & Irene

    Green Sheet:

    叫,什么,名字, 龙,凤,马

    Wednesday, December 5th (due Friday, December 7th)

    News - Emily & Katie

    Green Sheet:

    名字, 龙,凤,马,王,谢

    Use your packet to help you.

    Tuesday, December 4th (due Wednesday, December 5th)

    News - Sophie Y. & Ryan 

    Print your chapter 3 flash cards here

    Monday, December 3rd (due Tuesday, December 4th)

    News - Sophie Z.N. & Eugene

    1. Have your last quiz signed.  
    2. Complete the last page of the Chinese name packet you got in class today

    A note about the Chinese name packet: Even if you already have a Chinese name, you should still complete the whole paper.  It is good practice creating names.   

    Hanukkah in China Classwork











    Friday, November 30th (due Monday, December 3rd)

    News - none

    no other homework

    We begin chapter 3 on Monday

    Thursday, November 29th (due Friday, November 30th)

    News - none

    End of chapter 2 quiz tomorrow

    Tips for studying:

    1. Read the characters on your flashcards and see if you can say the pinyin and English
    2. Read the pinyin and English on your flashcards and see if you can write the characters
    3. Review the stroke order
    4. Re-watch the videos for chapter 2
    5. Read page 21 in your packet (also in your book) It says "Key Structures" on the top.
    6. Be ready to answer the following questions (I may ask you and grade your answer):
      1. "你是哪国人?"
      2. "你好吗?"
      3. "你是不是___ 国人?" 
      4. "你是___国人吗?" 

    Wednesday, November 28th (due Thurday, November 29th)

    News - Emerson & Sophie S.

    Packet p. 19 

    End of chapter 2 quiz on Friday. 

    Classwork for Wednesday, November 28th

    Click here to type your example sentences.

    Tuesday, November 27th (due Wendesday, November 28th)

    News - Andrew & James Q.

    Packet p .17

    If the packet page takes you less than 20 minutes, it's a good idea to spend a few minutes quizzing yourself with your flashcards. 

    End of chapter 2 quiz on Friday. 

    Monday, November 26th (due Tuesday, November 27th)

    News - Daniel & Matt P.


    It is OK to use your packet or book to help.

    End of chapter 2 quiz on Friday.  Any time your Mandarin homework takes you less than 20 minutes, it's a good idea to spend a few minutes quizzing yourself with your flashcards.  

    Wednesday, November 21st 

    Happy Thanksgiving


    Tuesday, November 20th (due Wednesday, November 21st)

    News - Mirei & Lidia

    Packet p. 10

    Monday, November 19th (due Tuesday, November 20th)

    News - Michael & Amaya

    1. Check out these two videos to review what we learned in class today (video 1) (video 2)
    2. Complete packet p. 11 (if you don't know a word, don't let it stop you.  Just use your packet to help you and take your best guess.  It is OK to answer in Pinyin but don't forget to include tones.  Answering in characters is also a good choice.)
    3. Have your last quiz signed by a parent 


    Wednesday, November 14th (due Thursday, November 15th)

    News - none

    Chapter 2 Quiz 1 

    Signed grade reports due

    Tuesday, November 13th (due Wednesday, November 14th)

    News - Joey & Dillon

    1. For tomorrow, please complete the listening video below.  This listening video is a bit different.  It just asks you to write individual words.  Don't forget to check your answers in your book or packet, and circle the ones you missed.  I will collect this paper tomorrow.
    2. The grade reports I gave you need to be signed by a parent.  I will collect them on Thursday.
    3. Your chapter 2 Quiz 1 is on Thursday.  You need to know the pinyin, stroke order, and characters for all of the countries and pronouns. 


    Thursday, November 8th (due Friday, November 9th)

    News - Kevin & Adam

    Tonight's homework is a green sheet.  Please pick any 6 of the words below (Hint - pick the ones you think you need more work on.  You need to pick at least 6.):



    Friday, November 3nd (due Monday, November 5th)

    News - Emma & Arthur

    Listening Video (Write down what you hear in characters and translate to English):


    Thursday, November 1st (due Friday, November 2nd)

    News - James & Ryan L. 

    Green Sheet:


    Tuesday, October 30th (due Wednesday, October 31st)

    News - Jade & Grade

    Complete the green sheet assignment of your choice using the following characters:


     Not sure how to do a green sheet?  Check out this video:


    Monday, October 29th (due Tuesday, October 30th)

    News - Dillon H. & Ella

              1. Hand in your quilz with a parent signature
              2. Click here to print your chapter 2 flashcards.  Don't forget to cut them out! 
              3. If you didn't finish the vocabulary video in class today (today's E block, this means you!) please finish watching it tonight: 


    Thursday, October 25th (due Friday, October 26th)

    News - news

    All about characters quiz tomorrow.  No other homework.

    Wednesday, October 24th (due Thursday, October 25th)

    News - Ray and Aidel

    On a separate piece of paper, please write out:

            1. Stroke names (in pinyin and English)
            2. Stroke order
            3. Radicals from your packet

    for these characters:


    Tuesday, October 23rd (due Wednesday, October 24)

    News - Christy & Matthew C.

    Print your numbers flashcards here.  Please cut them out and spend at least 10 minutes quizzing yourself.

    Here's a link to this Quizlet set. A link to my Quizlet page is under "tools" on the left menu.  Using the Quizlet set for the number is not part of your homework tonight.  I'm just putting the link here in case you want it for later.

    Monday, October 22nd (due Tuesday, October 23rd)

    News - Tristan & Amy (and Anagha from Monday)

            1. Complete the stoke order worksheet you got in class today. Need a new copy? click here.
            2. Studying your stroke names flashcards
            3. Ancient Code games 1 and 2

    Friday, October 19th (due Monday, October 22nd)

    News - Anagha & Aiden

    Over the weekend please divide your time between the following:

            1. Complete the stoke order worksheet you got in class today. Need a new copy? click here.
            2. Studying your stroke names flashcards
            3. Ancient Code games 1 and 2

    Thursday, October 18th (due Friday, October 19th)

    News - Maddie & Leela

    Complete the worksheet you got in class today.  Need a new copy? Click here

    Character building projects due tomorrow!

    Wednesday, October 17th (due Thursday, October 18th)

    News - Christabel & Irene

    Complete the worksheet you got in class today.  Need a new copy?  Click here 

    Tuesday, October 16th (due Wednesday, October 17th)

    News - Emily & Katie

    Complete the worksheet you got in class today.  Need a new copy?  Click here.


    Friday, October 12th (due Monday, October 15th)

    News - Sophie Z.N. & Sophie Y.C.

    If I haven't already approved your idea for the character building project, please e-mail it to me this weekend.  My e-mail is jzhou@lexingtonma.org. Remember, don't start building your project until AFTER I have approved it.  If you have any questions about the project, email me.


    If you have time, also please:

            1. Spend 5-10 minutes on the Ancient Code character games here.
            2. Spend 5-10 minutes quizzing youself with your stroke types flashcards.

    Thursday, October 11th (due Friday, October 12th)

    News - Emerson & Sophie S.

            1. Spend 5-10 minutes on the Ancient Code character games here.
            2. Spend 5-10 minutes quizzing youself with your stroke types flashcards.
            3. Please also pass in your project proposals as soon as possible (hopefully tomorrow).  The Chinese dictionaries you need to look up the character are here.

    Wednesday, October 10th (due Thursday, October 11th)

    News - Emmerson & Sophie S.

    Worksheet (need a new copy, click here)

    Tuesday, October 9th (due Wednesday, October 10th)

    News - Andrew & James Q.

    No other homework

    Tuesday, October 4th (due Friday, October 5th)

    News - Daniel & Matt P. from yesterday

    No other homework.

    I will be absent tomorrow.  See you on Tuesday after the long weekend!

    Wednesday, October 3rd (due Thursday, October 4th)

    News - Daniel & Matt P.

    Pinyin quiz retake tomorrow, no other homework

    Tuesday, October 3rd (due Wednesday, October 3rd)

    News - Mirei & Lidia

    Watch this video to review the strokes we learned today in class.  I have cropped the video, since the first part isn't useful for you.  No need to hand anything in tomorrow, but feel free to grab a pencil and practice along with the video.

    Remember - All pinyin retakes are Thursday during class.  


    Monday, October 1st (due Tuesday, October 2nd)

    News - Michael & Amaya

    There are a few small things to do tonight:

              1. Have your quiz signed by a parent (I will check these tomorrow)
              2. Study for a retake if you need one (use pinyin games or flashcards)
              3. Check out this video...


    Thursday, September 27th (due Friday, September 28th)

    No news or homework.  Study for your pinyin quiz tomorrow.

    Classwork for September 27th 

    Pinyin Listening Practice #1

    Pinyin Listening Practice #2 

    Pinyin Listening Practice #3


    Pinyin Listening Practice #4

    Wednesday, September 26th (due Thursday, September 27th)

    News - Joey & Dillon

    Student choice: flashcards or pinyin games

    Pinyin quiz Friday

    Tuesday, September 25th (due Wednesday, September 26th)

    News - Kevin & Adam

    Listening Video


    Monday, September 24th (due Tuesday, September 25th)

    News - Emma & Arthur

    Listening Video (there are only 10 tonight, so please also spend some time on the Pinyin games)

    Friday, September 21st (due Monday, September 24th)

    News - James J & Ryan

    Listening Video

    Pinyin Quiz Friday

    Thursday, September 20th (due Friday, September 21st)

    News - Jade & Grace

    Listening Video

    Tuesday, September 18th (due Thursday, September 20th)

    News - None

    No other homework

    If you want a set of flashcards for the gestures vocabulary to help you prepare for quiz 1, click here.  

    You don't need to pass these in.  They are for helping you study at home. 

    Monday, September 17th (due Tuesday, September 18th)

    News - Dillon H. & Ella

    Listening video


    Friday, September 14th (due Monday, September 17th)

    News - Ray & Adiel

    Pinyin Listening Video 2


    Wednesday,September 12th (due Friday, September 14th)

    News - Christy & Matt C.

    Write down what you hear.  Any piece of paper is OK.   It's OK if you aren't sure.  Just take your best guess. Don't forget to bring in your paper so we can check it.  The video says to bring it in on Monday, because it is an old video from a past year.  You need to bring it in on Friday.


    Tuesday, September 11th (due Wednesday, September 12th)

    News - Tristan & Amy

    Spend 15-20 minutes on the Pinyin Games (click on "Games" on the menu on the left to find them). 

    Friday, September 7th (due Tuesday, September 11th)

    No news or homework because of the long weekend.

    Thursday, September 6th (due Friday, September 7th)

    News - Aiden & Anagha

    Listen to this video to review what we learned in class today:


    Spend 15 minutes on the Pinyin Games.  If the games don't work on your computer, it might help to ask a parent to update Adobe Flash on your computer. 


    Thursday, August 30th (due Wednesday, September 5th)

    News - Maddie & Leela

    Complete your website scavenger hunt?  Need a new copy?  Click here.

    Wednesday, August 29th (due Thursday, August 30st)

    You and a parent should read and sign your classroom expectations letter.