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    Tuesday, September 25th (due Wednesday, September 26th)

    News - Kevin & Adam

    Listening Video


    Monday, September 24th (due Tuesday, September 25th)

    News - Emma & Arthur

    Listening Video (there are only 10 tonight, so please also spend some time on the Pinyin games)

    Friday, September 21st (due Monday, September 24th)

    News - James J & Ryan

    Listening Video

    Pinyin Quiz Friday

    Thursday, September 20th (due Friday, September 21st)

    News - Jade & Grace

    Listening Video

    Tuesday, September 18th (due Thursday, September 20th)

    News - None

    No other homework

    If you want a set of flashcards for the gestures vocabulary to help you prepare for quiz 1, click here.  

    You don't need to pass these in.  They are for helping you study at home. 

    Monday, September 17th (due Tuesday, September 18th)

    News - Dillon H. & Ella

    Listening video


    Friday, September 14th (due Monday, September 17th)

    News - Ray & Adiel

    Pinyin Listening Video 2


    Wednesday,September 12th (due Friday, September 14th)

    News - Christy & Matt C.

    Write down what you hear.  Any piece of paper is OK.   It's OK if you aren't sure.  Just take your best guess. Don't forget to bring in your paper so we can check it.  The video says to bring it in on Monday, because it is an old video from a past year.  You need to bring it in on Friday.


    Tuesday, September 11th (due Wednesday, September 12th)

    News - Tristan & Amy

    Spend 15-20 minutes on the Pinyin Games (click on "Games" on the menu on the left to find them). 

    Friday, September 7th (due Tuesday, September 11th)

    No news or homework because of the long weekend.

    Thursday, September 6th (due Friday, September 7th)

    News - Aiden & Anagha

    Listen to this video to review what we learned in class today:


    Spend 15 minutes on the Pinyin Games.  If the games don't work on your computer, it might help to ask a parent to update Adobe Flash on your computer. 


    Thursday, August 30th (due Wednesday, September 5th)

    News - Maddie & Leela

    Complete your website scavenger hunt?  Need a new copy?  Click here.

    Wednesday, August 29th (due Thursday, August 30st)

    You and a parent should read and sign your classroom expectations letter.