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    Wednesday, November 21st 

    Happy Thanksgiving


    Tuesday, November 20th (due Wednesday, November 21st)

    News - Mirei & Lidia

    Packet p. 10

    Monday, November 19th (due Tuesday, November 20th)

    News - Michael & Amaya

    1. Check out these two videos to review what we learned in class today (video 1) (video 2)
    2. Complete packet p. 11 (if you don't know a word, don't let it stop you.  Just use your packet to help you and take your best guess.  It is OK to answer in Pinyin but don't forget to include tones.  Answering in characters is also a good choice.)
    3. Have your last quiz signed by a parent 


    Wednesday, November 14th (due Thursday, November 15th)

    News - none

    Chapter 2 Quiz 1 

    Signed grade reports due

    Tuesday, November 13th (due Wednesday, November 14th)

    News - Joey & Dillon

    1. For tomorrow, please complete the listening video below.  This listening video is a bit different.  It just asks you to write individual words.  Don't forget to check your answers in your book or packet, and circle the ones you missed.  I will collect this paper tomorrow.
    2. The grade reports I gave you need to be signed by a parent.  I will collect them on Thursday.
    3. Your chapter 2 Quiz 1 is on Thursday.  You need to know the pinyin, stroke order, and characters for all of the countries and pronouns. 


    Thursday, November 8th (due Friday, November 9th)

    News - Kevin & Adam

    Tonight's homework is a green sheet.  Please pick any 6 of the words below (Hint - pick the ones you think you need more work on.  You need to pick at least 6.):



    Friday, November 3nd (due Monday, November 5th)

    News - Emma & Arthur

    Listening Video (Write down what you hear in characters and translate to English):


    Thursday, November 1st (due Friday, November 2nd)

    News - James & Ryan L. 

    Green Sheet:


    Tuesday, October 30th (due Wednesday, October 31st)

    News - Jade & Grade

    Complete the green sheet assignment of your choice using the following characters:


     Not sure how to do a green sheet?  Check out this video:


    Monday, October 29th (due Tuesday, October 30th)

    News - Dillon H. & Ella

              1. Hand in your quilz with a parent signature
              2. Click here to print your chapter 2 flashcards.  Don't forget to cut them out! 
              3. If you didn't finish the vocabulary video in class today (today's E block, this means you!) please finish watching it tonight: 


    Thursday, October 25th (due Friday, October 26th)

    News - news

    All about characters quiz tomorrow.  No other homework.

    Wednesday, October 24th (due Thursday, October 25th)

    News - Ray and Aidel

    On a separate piece of paper, please write out:

            1. Stroke names (in pinyin and English)
            2. Stroke order
            3. Radicals from your packet

    for these characters:


    Tuesday, October 23rd (due Wednesday, October 24)

    News - Christy & Matthew C.

    Print your numbers flashcards here.  Please cut them out and spend at least 10 minutes quizzing yourself.

    Here's a link to this Quizlet set. A link to my Quizlet page is under "tools" on the left menu.  Using the Quizlet set for the number is not part of your homework tonight.  I'm just putting the link here in case you want it for later.

    Monday, October 22nd (due Tuesday, October 23rd)

    News - Tristan & Amy (and Anagha from Monday)

            1. Complete the stoke order worksheet you got in class today. Need a new copy? click here.
            2. Studying your stroke names flashcards
            3. Ancient Code games 1 and 2

    Friday, October 19th (due Monday, October 22nd)

    News - Anagha & Aiden

    Over the weekend please divide your time between the following:

            1. Complete the stoke order worksheet you got in class today. Need a new copy? click here.
            2. Studying your stroke names flashcards
            3. Ancient Code games 1 and 2

    Thursday, October 18th (due Friday, October 19th)

    News - Maddie & Leela

    Complete the worksheet you got in class today.  Need a new copy? Click here

    Character building projects due tomorrow!

    Wednesday, October 17th (due Thursday, October 18th)

    News - Christabel & Irene

    Complete the worksheet you got in class today.  Need a new copy?  Click here 

    Tuesday, October 16th (due Wednesday, October 17th)

    News - Emily & Katie

    Complete the worksheet you got in class today.  Need a new copy?  Click here.


    Friday, October 12th (due Monday, October 15th)

    News - Sophie Z.N. & Sophie Y.C.

    If I haven't already approved your idea for the character building project, please e-mail it to me this weekend.  My e-mail is jzhou@lexingtonma.org. Remember, don't start building your project until AFTER I have approved it.  If you have any questions about the project, email me.


    If you have time, also please:

            1. Spend 5-10 minutes on the Ancient Code character games here.
            2. Spend 5-10 minutes quizzing youself with your stroke types flashcards.

    Thursday, October 11th (due Friday, October 12th)

    News - Emerson & Sophie S.

            1. Spend 5-10 minutes on the Ancient Code character games here.
            2. Spend 5-10 minutes quizzing youself with your stroke types flashcards.
            3. Please also pass in your project proposals as soon as possible (hopefully tomorrow).  The Chinese dictionaries you need to look up the character are here.

    Wednesday, October 10th (due Thursday, October 11th)

    News - Emmerson & Sophie S.

    Worksheet (need a new copy, click here)

    Tuesday, October 9th (due Wednesday, October 10th)

    News - Andrew & James Q.

    No other homework

    Tuesday, October 4th (due Friday, October 5th)

    News - Daniel & Matt P. from yesterday

    No other homework.

    I will be absent tomorrow.  See you on Tuesday after the long weekend!

    Wednesday, October 3rd (due Thursday, October 4th)

    News - Daniel & Matt P.

    Pinyin quiz retake tomorrow, no other homework

    Tuesday, October 3rd (due Wednesday, October 3rd)

    News - Mirei & Lidia

    Watch this video to review the strokes we learned today in class.  I have cropped the video, since the first part isn't useful for you.  No need to hand anything in tomorrow, but feel free to grab a pencil and practice along with the video.

    Remember - All pinyin retakes are Thursday during class.  


    Monday, October 1st (due Tuesday, October 2nd)

    News - Michael & Amaya

    There are a few small things to do tonight:

              1. Have your quiz signed by a parent (I will check these tomorrow)
              2. Study for a retake if you need one (use pinyin games or flashcards)
              3. Check out this video...


    Thursday, September 27th (due Friday, September 28th)

    No news or homework.  Study for your pinyin quiz tomorrow.

    Classwork for September 27th 

    Pinyin Listening Practice #1

    Pinyin Listening Practice #2 

    Pinyin Listening Practice #3


    Pinyin Listening Practice #4

    Wednesday, September 26th (due Thursday, September 27th)

    News - Joey & Dillon

    Student choice: flashcards or pinyin games

    Pinyin quiz Friday

    Tuesday, September 25th (due Wednesday, September 26th)

    News - Kevin & Adam

    Listening Video


    Monday, September 24th (due Tuesday, September 25th)

    News - Emma & Arthur

    Listening Video (there are only 10 tonight, so please also spend some time on the Pinyin games)

    Friday, September 21st (due Monday, September 24th)

    News - James J & Ryan

    Listening Video

    Pinyin Quiz Friday

    Thursday, September 20th (due Friday, September 21st)

    News - Jade & Grace

    Listening Video

    Tuesday, September 18th (due Thursday, September 20th)

    News - None

    No other homework

    If you want a set of flashcards for the gestures vocabulary to help you prepare for quiz 1, click here.  

    You don't need to pass these in.  They are for helping you study at home. 

    Monday, September 17th (due Tuesday, September 18th)

    News - Dillon H. & Ella

    Listening video


    Friday, September 14th (due Monday, September 17th)

    News - Ray & Adiel

    Pinyin Listening Video 2


    Wednesday,September 12th (due Friday, September 14th)

    News - Christy & Matt C.

    Write down what you hear.  Any piece of paper is OK.   It's OK if you aren't sure.  Just take your best guess. Don't forget to bring in your paper so we can check it.  The video says to bring it in on Monday, because it is an old video from a past year.  You need to bring it in on Friday.


    Tuesday, September 11th (due Wednesday, September 12th)

    News - Tristan & Amy

    Spend 15-20 minutes on the Pinyin Games (click on "Games" on the menu on the left to find them). 

    Friday, September 7th (due Tuesday, September 11th)

    No news or homework because of the long weekend.

    Thursday, September 6th (due Friday, September 7th)

    News - Aiden & Anagha

    Listen to this video to review what we learned in class today:


    Spend 15 minutes on the Pinyin Games.  If the games don't work on your computer, it might help to ask a parent to update Adobe Flash on your computer. 


    Thursday, August 30th (due Wednesday, September 5th)

    News - Maddie & Leela

    Complete your website scavenger hunt?  Need a new copy?  Click here.

    Wednesday, August 29th (due Thursday, August 30st)

    You and a parent should read and sign your classroom expectations letter.