Welcome to Mrs. Vosland's Guided Learning!

    Guided Learning is a general education support for students who struggle with executive function skills or literacy skills. 

    What we do:

    • It is a general education support for either literacy skill struggles or for executive function struggles.
    • Our goal: help students develop, practice, refine, and master literacy or executive function skills based on goals determined by their team and Guided Learning teachers.
    • We typically see groups of students 2 x/week for either Lit. or EF or both (4 x/week total).
    • It is not a small group homework club or test prep group.
      • We may do some homework or test studying, but only when it is to build the students’ skills in their areas of need.

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    Teacher Name: Cecelia Vosland
    Courses Taught: Guided Learning, grades 6-8
    Classroom: 103
    Email: cvosland@lexingtonma.org