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    Meet the Bridge Elementary School Literacy Specialists
    Jessica Caverly
    Jessica has been working in Lexington for the past 9 years. She was a classroom teacher and now works with with teachers and students on their literacy skills within the general education classroom. 
    Paula Donahue
    Paula works at both Bridge and Fiske Elementary Schools providing literacy support for students within the general education curriculum.  She has worked as a Literacy Specialist in the Methuen public schools and was a classroom teacher in Lawrence. 
    Sharon Kingsbury
    Sharon has been working at Bridge School for 18 years within regular education.  She began her career as a teacher of special education students and now works as a literacy specialist with students from kindergarten to grade 5 within the general education curriculum.
    Ruth Litchfield
    Ruth has been at Bridge since 1992 as a Literacy Specialist within regular education, Title 1 and additionally teaches MELP and Summer School.. Ruth began as a classroom teacher from Pre-school through Sixth Grade in St Croix, ISVI, Paris, France and The Punahou School in Honolulu, Hawaii. Mother of 2 who went through the entire LPS system and on to and through Grad School.