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  • Monday, February 1

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 2/1/2016

    No homeowork!

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  • Thursday, January 7th

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 1/7/2016

    Write a free verse poem about poetry/ Try to include at least 5 of the vocabulary terms in it.

    Finish the Questions to "Introduction to Poetry" by Billy Collins.

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  • Wednesday, January 6th

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 1/6/2016

    Finish your Favorite Poem Reflection if you haven't done so in class.


    Write the definitions for Poem One.  Use the definitions that I gave you in your Reader's Notebook.  Click here for a copy of the glossary in case you left your Reader's Notebook in school.

    Complete questions for Step 3 of Poem One.  Click here for a copy of the packet. 


    Get Term 2 Grades, so far signed.

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  • Tuesday, January 5th

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 1/5/2016

    Write a 4 lined poem that says something about your life.


    Read a book of poetry for 20 minutes - Choose a favorite one to share.

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  • Monday, January 4th

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 1/4/2016

    Blue Class- Log on to Google classroom and look up your grade for your essay.  Make sure you read the comments that are directly on your essays within the document.  Please show your parents.

    All classes: Read the book of poetry I gave you in class for 20 minutes.  Pick your favorite poem from the book you read to share.  Please make sure to bring it back tomorrow so others can enjoy them.

    Red:  Emily Dickinson
    Blue:  Lewis Carroll/Robert Frost
    Yellow: William Carlos Williams/Robert Frost
    Green: Walt Whitman/Robert Frost

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  • Homework for December 9th

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 12/9/2015

    Read "The Dinner".  Annotate and take notes.

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  • Homework for December 8th

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 12/8/2015

    Read, find quotes, and take notes for "The Dinner".  Due Thursday.

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  • Homework for December 7th

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 12/7/2015

    We will be finishing reading Flipped this week.  We are currently working on our second essay on characterization.


    Read, annotate, and take notes on "The Serious Willies".  Due Tuesday.

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  • Homework for Thursday, December 3rd

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 12/3/2015

    Read and take notes on Chapter 9, Looming Large and Smelly.  Due tomorrow.

    Continue to use the tracking chart we have been using in class.





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  • Homework for Tuesday, December 1st

    Posted by Amy Timmins on 11/24/2015 4:00:00 AM

    Read "The Yard"

    Track details by highlighting/annotating the text AND taking notes.  Due Wednesday, December 2nd.



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