• Turn in Arguments (if you didn't in class)

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/18/2019

    Please turn in your Continental Drift Arguments to Google Classroom, if you didn't in class on Friday.  Class codes below.


    Blue: rwpsxd

    Green: jj2kzi

    Red: pwz62o3

    Yellow: x2krrnz


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  • Work on CER Essay

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/17/2019

    Work on your CER essays tonight.  I will give you most of the time in class tomorrow to work on them, but we will be submitting our final drafts at the end of class.  If you are feeling crunched for time.  Please conside the outline option below.


    1. Claim: Claim
    2. Evidence #1, Reasoning #1
    3. Evidence #2, Reasoning #2
    4. Evidence #3, Reasoning #3

    *You still need to write clearly, in complete sentences with proper mechanics

    *Those who choose this option cannot recieve an A+ as a grade on this assignment.

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  • Work on CER Essays

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/16/2019

    Work for 20 minutes tonight typing up your argument.  You should at the very least have your claim and 2 body paragraphs with evidence and reasoning done by class tomorrow.

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  • Draft Essay due Thursday

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/15/2019

    Please complete a full first draft of your Wegener essays by Thursday in class.

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  • Wegener CER Resources

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/14/2019

    For class on Tuesday: You should know your claim and the 3 specific pieces of evidence you will use.


    Continental Drift Argument Assignment & Rubric: Outlines the assignment and grading

    Example Wegener CER


    You may use the resources below in addition to the materials in your Science Binder to help you write your Continental Drift essay:

    Continental Drift Quizlet: Reviews the categories of evidence.

    Wegener's Evidence: Some good details for a few types evidence.

    Building a Case for Continental Drift: Great details for fossil evdience.

    CK12: Continental Drift: Good details for mountain ranges and paleoclimate data.

    Mountain Ranges Map

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  • Rocks, Fossils & Relative Dating Unit Survey

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/7/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Please take a moment to fill out the Rocks, Fossils, & Relative Dating Unit Survey

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  • Study for Relative Dating Test (Monday)

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/4/2019

    Our Relative Dating Test is on Monday 1/7.  Make sure to study using the materials below.


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  • Relative Dating Quizizz

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/3/2019 8:00:00 AM

    Take the Relative Dating Quizizz: Practice Quiz CODE: 138920



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  • Study Guide Question #1

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 1/2/2019

    Happy New Year!  Please complete Practice Question #1 on the Relative Dating Study Guide.  The test will be on Monday 1/7.


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  • Index Fossil Correlation

    Posted by Andrew Wong on 12/19/2018 2:00:00 PM

    Please finish the Index Fossil Correlation Questions for Thursday 12/20, if you didn't in class.

    You will need to use the Correlation Key and Index Fossil Index to answer all of the questions.

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