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    Columbia space craft taking off.

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  • Week of 9/24/18

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 9/21/2018

    Due Monday 9/24

    Pick 3 GCF problems and pick 3 LCM problems from Friday's in class worksheet we worked on together.


    Homeroom - WIN Choice Form  

    Science: Arm/Height Graph due in class 

    Questions due on google classroom


    Due Tuesday, 9/25

    1) Sculpture packet (if you needed to finish/revise)


    Due Wednesday, 9/26



    Due Thursday, 9/27



    Due Friday, 9/28

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  • Week of September 17, 2018

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 9/13/2018

    MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ALL OF YOUR FIELD TRIP FORMS IN (emergency contact, waiver) The Payment link can be found Here

    Due Monday, 9/17

    Math: Vocabulary (1-8) Write a defintion, example & counter example. factor, proper factor, prime number, composite number, square number, deficient number, perfect number, abundant number

    Due Tuesday, 9/18

     ACE Questions: you choose which option is best for you: Options: A.) Feeling Confident: 34, 36, 41, 42 and 46    B.) Feeling okay so far: 4, 5, pick 3 from numbers 22-27 and 33     C.) Not sure if I feel totally comfortable:   1, 2, 3, and pick 3 from numbers 22-27

    Quiz tomorrow on Investigation 1

    Due Wednesday, 9/19 - No School (Yom Kippur)


    Science Finish nonstandard measurement assignment; if you were unable to complete the front in class. THAT'S OK however, please finish the back. 

    Due Thursday, 9/20


    Due Friday, 9/21

    Math: Finish Classwork Investigation 2.3 parts A and B. Vocabulary for Relatively Prime, LCM (least common multiple) and GCF (greatest common factor). Make sure you write a definition, an example and a counterexample.

    1) Cover your Writer's Notebook/Journal as explained in class last week. Instructions are on the sheet you received in class, and posted on gClassroom.

    2) 1st "I just finished another book" card. Explained in class on Tues. for R/B group. For Y/G class only: You did not receive the "I just finished another book" cards on Tuesday (R/B did). That was because we had some time used for Picture Day. We will talk about this (and I'll give you the cards) on Thursday, and you can do it Thursday night. It should only take a few minutes. :-)


    Due Monday 9/23 

    Science: Arm/Height Graph due in class 

    Questions due on google classroom

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  • Week of September 10, 2018

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 9/7/2018 7:00:00 AM

    Monday, 9/10 - No School (Rosh Hashanah) 


    Tuesday, 9/11 - A national day of remembrance. 


    Wednesday, 9/12 - be sure to give your parent(s) the picture day form that was distributed in homeroom yesterday.


    Thursday, 9/13

    1) Archaeology reading and questions due. See Google Classroom for instructions.


    SCIENCE! successful join the google classroom ... code: 0rt4ccz

    Friday, 9/14

    1) Finish CER sheet for Kandinsky painting (see instructions on gClassroom) - started in class earlier this week. Be prepared to share in class.

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  • Week of September 3, 2018

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 8/30/2018

    Reminder: due dates posted on the boards in school are where you should get this information first and foremost. It should be recorded into your assignment notebooks/agenda books in class. This space is only for use as a back-up/reminder. Sometimes teachers are not able to post online. Posts are usuall updated by 3PM at the end of each school day.


    Due Monday, 9/3/18 - No School (Labor Day)

    Have a great long weekend!


    Due Tuesday, 9/4/18

    All supplies for Team Columbia classes should be in school by now (this was not meant to be weekend homework, as explained in class). Be sure to bring your composition/marbled notebook to Mr. Roy's class today.


    Due Wednesday, 9/5/18

    1) Complete and mark as "done" Mr. Roy's Start-of-the-Year Survey on Google Classroom (gClassroom), as explained in class last week. Be sure to read all instructions on gClassroom carefully.

    2) Using gClassroom, go to the Team Columbia due dates page on the Clarke Website. Bookmark the page on your device, and check it daily after 3PM. Mark this as "done" on gClassroom when you've gone to that webpage for the first time.


    Due Thursday, 9/6/18

    1) Finish the identity sculpture packet that we began in class. Be sure to move it to the "Finished" side of your "Assignment Folder" for humanities classes when you're done. 


    Due Friday, 9/7/18


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  • Week of August 27. 2018

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 8/27/2018

    Welcome to Clarke Middle School and Team Columbia!

    Monday, 8/27/18:

    Teachers are getting ready!


    Tuesday, 8/28/18:

    Welcome to 6th grade! We are excited to meet you all!


    Due Wednesday, 8/29/18:

    Always be sure to have something to write on and write with in school every day from now on.


    Due Thursday, 8/30/18:


    Due Friday, 8/31/18 - NO SCHOOL (Labor Day Weekend). See you Tuesday!


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  • Week of June 18, 2018

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 6/15/2018

    Get through the finish line!

    It may be the last week of school, but the year isn't over until 11:46AM on Friday. Make sure you GET THROUGH THE FINISH LINE in a way you can be proud of!

    Due Monday, 6/18/18:

    Keep on reading!

    1) Today is the Olympics as part of your humanities time. Please wear sunblock (put on before school) and bring a water bottle to take to Franklin Field. It's going to be very hot! You are invited to dress up (be mindful of the weahter), and bring other minor props to the Olympics to show your polis pride. We are likely to do the events rain or shine, except in the case of thunder and lightening and/or serious downpours. - rescheduled to Wednesday due to heat.

    2) Any and all school books (IMC, English, etc.) are now overdue. Please check your house and locker for items to return.


    Due Tuesday, 6/19:

    6th grade trip to Maine today. Be sure to be at school EARLY by 6:45. Meet at the tennis courts in front of Clarke for attendance and to board the busses.


    Due Wednesday, 6/20:

    1) All Progress Folders and yellow review sheets were returned by today. You must show them to your parent(s), but should not return them (so they don't need to be signed). Your report card comments will remind you of this. PLEASE DO NOT throw out the progress folder and its contents until after your parent(s) have reviewed it with you - let parent(s) decide what to recycle vs. keep. :-)

    2) See Olympics info. above.


    Due Thursday, 6/21:

    Field day (for 6th grade this will be in the morning) - dress to be outside and active! Wear sunscreen, bring a water bottle.


    Due Friday, 6/22 - Early release at 11:45.


    Have a great summer!

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  • Week of June 11, 2018

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 6/7/2018

    Due Monday, 6/11

    Keep on reading!


    Due Tuesday, 6/12

    1) Finish video sheets (questions sheet and letters sheet) from Friday's class.


    Due Wednesday, 6/13

    1) Athena - Hades (column) Greek Myths "baseball" cards - due at end of the day. Mostly done in school, if you use your time well.

    2) News Quizam re-dos (using EMF green sheet) if you earned BELOW 70%, as explained in class. 


    Due Thursday, 6/14 

    1) Study your Greek Myths baseball cards - possible review game in class today.

    2) Read the "A History of the Olympic Games" article and complete the reading comp. assessment (on Google Classroom)


    Due Friday, 6/15 - Greek myths, gods, goddesses quiz today (use your cards to study, multiple choice).

    - Polis' myth (as a group) 

    - Polis crest (group) - must be drawn/mounted on large paper (11"x17") by Monday

    - All RECENT late work. No more re-dos or extensions. Term is ending soon.

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  • Week of June 4th, 2018

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 5/31/2018

    Due Monday, 6/4:

    1) Keep on doing your independent reading! Remember, we announced that you should be doing 2-2.5 hours of indepdent reading per week outside of school. This is one of the best ways to improve your literacy skills!

    Reminder: Study a bit each night for your news quizam on 6/7 (study guide is on gClassroom and was distributed on paper in class early last week.


    Due Tuesday, 6/5:

    1) Study a bit each night for your news quizam on 6/7 

    2) Group newspaper project should be almost done by today. Class time to work will be given Monday only of this week.

    3) Return you M.A.D. textbook today. It must be the same one you were issued at the start of school.


    Due Wednesday, 6/6:

    1) Progress folder w/four work samples and parts 1-9 done on the yellow form. 

    3) Polis slides and all props. due today (should have mostly been done in school already).


    Due Thursday, 6/7:

    Maths: Prime Time Favorite Number Project due

    1) Quizam on news article types, etc. today in class. 

    2) Final group newspaper (hardcopy). Print out, even if done electronically. If done on computer, please also "share" with Mr. Roy. Should have mostly been finished in class on Monday, so any work between now and then needs to be done on your own.


    Due Friday, 6/8:

    Maths: use following website to help with Acquarium Project




    Zeus-Apollo (column) Greek Myths "baseball" cards - due at end of the day. Mostly done in school, if you use your time well.

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  • Week of 5/28/18

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 5/25/2018

    Monday, 5/28 - NO SCHOOL - Memorial Day. 

    1) Keep on doing your independent reading! Remember, we announced that you should be doing 2-2.5 hours of indepdent reading per week outside of school. This is one of the best ways to improve your literacy skills!

    There should be no need to do any homework over the long weekend, unless you have fallen behind.



    Tuesday, 5/29

    1) Return lit. circle books

    2) Last call to cut out and put your coins into the proper container/envelope for you polis in Mr. Roy's room (from last week).


    Wednesday, 5/30

    1) Reading and info. guide notes for one more polis (you should have already done your own) - use the 2 packets you receive last week.

    2) "graph" vocab. quiz re-dos (use green EMForm from the classroom). Do this is you scored under an 8/10. Quizzes were returned via your mailbox last Friday. - rare

    3) Any previously missing sections of your newspaper writing guide (group shared file on gDrive) for your article should be done by today. If you need help ask non later than Tuesday, 5/29.


    Thursday, 5/31

    Maths: Data About Us Project is due

    1) Reading and info. guide notes for at least 2 of the remaining polis city-state profiles (you should have already done your own plus one by yesterday) - use the 2 packets you receive last week.

    2) News article full draft (typed) - you will have some time in class to work on this, but must finish it at home as needed.

    Friday, 6/1

    1) Final news article due. We will combine this into your group's news project in class. - you will have some time in class to work on this, but must finish it at home as needed.

    2) Scrib/Script Vocab. Quiz re-dos (you would have received a printed, paper copy in your mailbox if needed) - rare.

    3) Finish Polis Pride items for your city-state group. Be ready to share chants, flag, etc. in class when asked. 

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  • Week of 5/21/18

    Posted by Jonathan Roy on 5/18/2018

    Due Monday, 5/21: Your displays look great so far! "Pyracastle" group, please be sure to bring in all of your written materials, backdrop/poster, etc. I have your model in the classroom, but that's all I could find on Friday last period as I finished the set-up.

    1) Keep on doing your independent reading. Need a new book now that our lit. circles are done? Check the "I just finished another book!" wall in rm. 371.

    2) Egypt museum/news reporter simulation today. Be sure to bring-in any last-minute materials. Charlotte (from MOS) returns to see your projects today!


    Due Tuesday, 5/22: 

    1) scrib/script vocab. quiz

    2) Repoters notes sheet packet (from museum - as much as you can do, and then you can fill in any gaps tomorrow).


    Due Wednesday, 5/23:

    Maths: 2 surveys: one numerical and one categorical

    1) Full draft of llt. circle theme essay (instructions, rubric, etc. are on Google Classroom) - moved from Tues.

    2) Reporters notes sheet packet 100% done.


    Due Thursday, 5/24:

    Maths: Finish Investigation 4.2, if you did not finish from Friday, Monday or Tuesday's class work.

    FINAL proofread theme essay - submit to gClassroom. Check rubric on gClassroom first! - moved from Wed.


    Due Friday, 5/25

    1) Do YOUR article's part of your group's "Newspaper Writing Guide" on Google Classroom. We will have some time in class to do this, but please be sure to complete your part thoroughly. Each group member has a part to do on the doc. after one group member makes a copy and shares it with the rest (and with Mr. Roy) - moved from Thursday. The final newspaper/magazine does not have a due date yet, so don't worry about the first page of that document. We will see how things move ahead before setting a firm due date.

    2) Greece stations notes packet 100% finished. 

    3) Cut-out and paste together your share of yoru group's Greek Coins for our upcoming simulation.

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