We are nearing the end of our unit on Adding and Subtracting Whole Numbers. Your children are learning to:


    • Solve multi-step word problems.  Use operations (+, -) to solve the problem accurately and efficiently.
    • Write number models to show how they solved the problem.
    • Check if their answer makes sense.  Round numbers to the nearest 10 or 100.
    • Accurately solve addition and subtraction problems within 1000.


    Soon the students will be introduced to Multiplication Concepts.


    Readers’ Workshop

    During our reading block, the children have independent reading time. The books the children read independently in class should be "just right." This means that they are not too easy, but comfortable enough to rehearse the reading skills and comprehension strategies we learn throughout the year. We have had whole class lessons and discussions on choosing "just right books". Students have been learning that readers check their understanding by 1) giving themselves comprehension checks, 2) making predictions, and 3) retelling by telling the BIG parts of a story. They are also thinking about themselves as readers and setting goals for themselves. Please encourage your child to continue reading every day at home, and don’t hesitate to read with them, and discuss the text together!


    Writers’ Workshop

    The children have all chosen their “seed ideas” for their Personal Narratives. Prior to their topic selection, they created maps, diagrams, and lists to help them think about topics “close to their heart.” We have been doing various writing activities to help develop their writing fluency. Storytelling is also very important, as it allows the author to rehearse the story and define what he/she wants to say. Students have been working to use a “storyteller’s voice” in their writing, as opposed to a “news reporter’s voice” simply stating facts.  This is a skill we will continue to develop as the year progresses.


    Social Studies

    We will culminate our first social studies unit with a visit from the Map Lady, Mrs. Pietrantoni! She will introduce our students to cartography with a specific focus on the geography of Massachusetts. Every child will  create a beautiful map of MA while learning about important mapping skills such as using and creating a map key, a compass rose, and a scale. We hope your child has shared some of what he/she has learned about the geography of Massachusetts! Mrs. Pietrantoni will return in March to focus on the geography of Lexington as we begin to learn about Lexington in 1775.


    We are beginning to learn about the Wampanoags, the Pilgrims, and the relationship between those two groups. We are looking forward to our field trip to Drumlin Farm on November 7th!