Despite the cold weather and snowy landscape, things are really heating up in the classroom.


    Our third grade mathematicians have entered the realm of fractions. Our primary objectives are to help them demonstrate an understanding of:

    •   Fractions as parts of a whole
    •   Fractions on a number line
    •   Equivalent fractions
    •   Comparing fractions with like numerators or denominators

    We have explored these objectives using a multitude of hands-on activities. Students have impressed us with their knowledge and understanding of these tricky concepts.

    Readers' Workshop

    During Readers' Workshop, third graders have been learning about non-fiction reading strategies. The children are “reading to learn.” We have been examining the various text features that help readers navigate non-fiction texts.

    The three types of non-fiction are: informational, biographies and autobiographies. We are currently focusing on biographies. The elements we often learn about in a biography are:

    Early Life/Influences; Interests and Hobbies; Challenges; Contributions to Society; and Personality Traits


    We continue our focus on the Water and Weather through hands-on experiments and observations to identify the different parts of the cycle: evaporation, condensation, precipitation, and collection.  Soon your children will be able to explain the water cycle to you, how it impacts our weather, and the importance of protecting this precious natural resource! The children engage in very interesting discussions, and record all of their scientific discoveries and understandings in their Science Notebooks. We have lots of hands-on fun!