We have just finished our unit on fractions and have entered the unit of linear measures, perimeter, and area. In this unit children will compute the perimeter of polygons. They will learn to find the area of a shape by tiling, multiplying, or decomposing the shape into rectangles. They will also measure lengths accurately to the nearest half inch. In this rich unit they will also collect and represent data on a line plot. We sure will be busy in math.


    In writing we move from the genre of opinion writing where the children have learned to be quite persuasive to informational writing. Whether your child is an expert in chess, dinosaurs, or even minecraft, they will learn the structure and style of writing for information.


    During reader’s workshop the emphasis has been on all types of non-fiction. We will begin looking at fiction, and primarily the role of characters within a story. Children will learn how to analyze a characters inside and outside traits, and see how they change throughout a story.

    Social Studies

    Our social studies curriculum is tied in with the people, places, and history of Massachusetts. We are thrilled that the “map lady” will be returning. After seeing how great our Massachusett’s maps came out we can’t wait to create our maps of Lexington!