We are off to a wonderful year of growth and learning in room 284. The children are in for an exciting year. In Social studies the curriculum is based around our home state of Massachusetts. The children will learn geography as well as the Native Americans and the Pilgrims.  Social Studies is tightly connected to science where the students will learn of the water cycle and how weather and the water cycle effect the people of different regions and times. At the end of the year we will even be getting crayfish to experiment with as part of our habitats unit.


         In math the students will learn different algorithims for addition and subtraction of larger numbers.  They will also problem solve with multiplication,division, and fractions.  Fluency of their math facts will only help as the math gets more complex.


        Literacy is also a huge part of the day in room 284. The children will become fluent in reading and comprehension as we read both fiction and non-fiction.  They will also become talented writers of narratives, persuasive essays, informational essays, and even fairy tales.


         It is an expectation that students read for 20 minutes each night, and there will be the occasional math practice as well. 


         I look forward to working with all these wonderful children.