Happy New Year!  January invites reflection and many new beginnings in third grade.


    Thank you to all of our Room Parents and parent volunteers for the festive crafts and games at our “Welcome Winter” and “New Year” celebrations. They were a perfect beginning to our winter vacation and the New Year!



    Third grade has concluded our Multiplication and Division unit. Each student should be able to:

    • Make equal groups to show a multiplication fact

    • Divide a number into equal groups

    • Show and solve multiplication problems with products up to 100

    • Show and solve division problems with dividends up to 100

    • Solve multi-step word problems

    • Show the relationship between multiplication and division

    • Use turn around facts (5x7=7x5)

    • Combine factors in different ways to solve multiplication problems

    • Break apart numbers to help multiply (aka the distributive property) Example:  28x5=(20x5)+(8x5)

    • Use fact families to solve multiplication and division problems


    Most recently, we have been learning about fractions. Our primary objectives are to help them demonstrate an understanding of:

    • Fractions as parts of a whole

    • Fractions on a number line

    • Equivalent fractions

    • Comparing fractions with like numerators or denominators


    We will explore fractions, and their relationships, using a multitude of hands-on activities. The students are realizing that fractions are all around us, and we all use them every day!


    Readers' Workshop

    During Readers' Workshop, third graders have been learning about non-fiction reading strategies. The children are “reading to learn.” We have been examining the various text features that help readers navigate non-fiction texts. This non-fiction unit complements our Science and Social Studies units nicely.


    Writers’ Workshop

    We are in the midst or Opinion and Persuasive Writing. You may want to stay alert during the coming weeks! The children have been learning how to become more effective persuasive writers and speakers in order to convince other people of their opinions or views. They have been looking for “problems” and imagining solutions. The intention is to make the world a better place, whether in their school, home or neighborhood. (They may also be intent on getting a new pet, their own room, or a later bedtime!). Additionally, they have also been thinking about people, places and ideas that are noteworthy, and then trying to get other people to recognize them, as well. The children are quite enthusiastic about their ideas, and they can be very convincing!