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    September 25, 2018

    English: Ms. Hancock

    Due Wednesday 9/26:

    Go to NoRedInk. Complete assignment on Capitalization (Capitalization Rules II) - proper nouns

    Mrs. Hancock's site says:

    First log into your Diamond google account. Next, go to www.noredink.com. Log onto your account using google. Do the assigned practice work there for capitalization practice. This practice builds on the work you started last nightl You need to capitalize all proper nouns. This continues to be review work and should take no more than 15 minutes. You should not need it, but, if you need your class code they are:

    Red Class: every wheel 11

    Blue Class: right wolf 42

    Green Class: unknown penguin 35

    Yellow Class: shy sand 55


    Ancient CivilizationsMr. Gallagher

    Due Wednesday 9/26:





    Science: Mr. Wong

    Due Wednesday 9/26:

    Study for Metric Measurement Test: Measurement Interactives on Mr. Wong's website

    Wednesday 9/26:

    Metric Measurement TEST



    "Prime Time" book

    Due Wednesday 9/26:

    Work for 15 minutes on:

    p. 20 #14, 15, 16

    p. 23 #39, 40

    p. 26 #49

    Label your notebook page with today's date, page numbers, and question numbers and letters (if a letter is used)