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    March 20, 2019

    English: Ms. Hancock

    Due Thursday 3/21:

    Finish writing article. Review:

    1. Are sentences complete?

    2. All capitals and punctuation?

    3. Some variety of sentences?

    Read on in book club text

    Due Monday 4/1:

    First read (for pleasure) of book club text


    Mrs. Hancock's site says:

    HOMEWORK: Complete your newsletter. Review for the following:

    • Are sentences complete and clear?
    • Are all the necessary capitals and punctuation included?
    • Did you vary your sentences to include some compound and complex sentences? 
    • Have you included some of the signal words from our mini-lesson in class today? Make sure you use these as transitions to help your writing flow.
    • Have you checked in with the checklist and rubric to make sure your work is on track?


    FYI: Today we continued to work on our mini-research project. Everyone should continue to use their newsletter checklist handout and the model newsletter to help them with this work.

    In class today, we reviewed informational text structures to get started and then students had the remainder of the block to write their 1-2 paragraph long article for their group's newsletter. That work should be completed at home tonight, and everyone should come to class tomorrow with a complete article that completely answers their guiding questions for their newsletter tomorrow. 


    Ancient CivilizationsMr. Gallagher

    Due Friday 3/22:

    Rough draft of article


    Science: Mr. Wong

    Due Thursday 3/21:

    Finish Reflection on Light reading questions (if you didn't in class)


    Math:: Mrs. Crowne

    "Variables and Patterns" book

    Due Thursday 3/21:

    Work for 20 minutes on:

    Labsheet 3.3A

    Labsheet 3.3B

    Labsheet 3.3C