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     "Each and every one of us is different from all the others. 
    Each one a unique individual in her or her own right. "
    -People, by Peter Spiers 

    Welcome to the Fiske English Language Learner (ELL) Website! 

    It is a busy early Spring for our ELL program!   Students are in the midst of various units based on their grade levels.  The kindergarten classes are working on their letter books, using iPads for word making and listening to read alouds that relate to the upcoming animals unit.  In first grade, we continue to work on our REACH unit “Growing and Changing”, complimenting the curriculum in the classroom. We continue to talk and read about the characteristics of living things and explore animal adaptations.  Second graders are writing shared letters to convince us about character traits as part of their opinion writing unit and are also being supported with similar classroom writing pieces. Third, fourth and fifth graders are working with ELL teachers and our math specialist, Mrs. Rawding, on a new way to approach math word problems.  In addition, third grade students continue to learn academic vocabulary and readings from the Water and States of Matters units which will support concepts being taught in the classroom. Fourth graders have started a new geography unit to support their regions of the U.S.study from their classroom social studies curriculum. Ms. Hine’s fifth graders have been reading and analyzing memoirs and are beginning work on their own digital memoir projects.


    Upcoming Events:

    April 30, May1: Grade 4 MCAS-Math
    May 2,4: Grade 5 MCAS-Math
    May7, 8: Grade 3 MCAS Math
    May 10: Peer Leadership Final Community Meeting
    May14-16: K Screening
    June 19: Grade 5 Graduation


    Fiske ELL Program Description:

    Our ELL curriculum is content-based, and supplies your children with essential academic vocabulary. The focus of our program is to teach skills in the four language domains: reading, writing, speaking and listening. Every January, all of our ELL's will be taking the ACCESS test, which is an assessment that ELL's across the state of Massachusetts will take. Please feel free to email us if you have any questions.

    In order to support your ELL at home, please encourage your child to read at his or her level in any language. To support fluency in writing, your child could keep a journal of things that happened during the day, or keep a list of things he or she is grateful for in her life each day. This writing will help promote confidence when your child writes in school, and help him or her reflect on this new American life.

    At Fiske we have a pull-out program whereby the ELL teachers will take small groups of ELL's throughout the day and give direct instruction using content-based materials. It is a rich curriculum, and we make every effort to tie our work into what is happening in the classroom.
                                                                                                                      ELL Teachers Fiske
    About the Teachers: 
    Ms. Carolyn Hine
    Ms. Carolyn Hine has been working at Fiske for four years. Before Fiske, Ms. Hine taught ELL at Esabrook Elementary and Diamond Middle School. She brings years of experience in the field of Second Language Acquisition. She is certified K-12 in ESL.
    781-541-5001 ext 3179
    Mrs. Catherine Glennon Murphy
    Mrs. Murphy has been working at Fiske for eight years.  In addition to her work at Fiske, Mrs. Murphy is training Lexington Public School teachers in methodology of teaching ELL's.  She is certified K-12 in ESL. 
    781-541-5001 ext 2179

    Catherine Murphy and Carolyn Hine