• The Print Center

    The Print Center provides full print services for all school staff, departments, committees, PTO's, as well as for Town of Lexington departments and staff. The Center is staffed with experienced print center technicians with over 50 years combined experience!

    Superior QualityFast Turnaround! Great Service! Best Prices!

    The Print Center Services:
    • Black and White Copies & Color copies (3 hole punch, black tape binding, stapling, saddle stitch)
    • Color Copies (regular weight, heavy weight and glossy)
    • Brochures, Newsletters, Envelopes
    • NCR Copies (2 Part, 3 Part, 4 Part forms)
    • Folding and Stuffing Services (only 3 sheets can be folded at one time)
    • Address Printing on Brochures, Newsletters and Envelopes
    • Business Cards
    • Posters
    • Lamination Services
    • Free Delivery
    • Same Day Services can be arranged! 
    Contact the Print Center directly with any questions regarding our printing services or printing requests submitted.  For any general questions, information or issues regarding Lexington Public Schools’ Print Center, contact Debbie Harvey, Procurement Operations Manager at 781-861-2580 x 68062 or by email at dharvey@lexingtonma.org
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