•   English Science Math World Geography
    Welcome to Explorer team 2017-2018! We are excited to have you on our team this year! The teacher's on our team are:
    Mrs Paddol- World Geography
    Mrs. Sutherland- English
    Ms. Flaherty- Math
    Ms. Somers- Science
    Homework for 5/21
    World Geography:
    Review and Edit "Gandhi" movie notes
    Due: 5/22
    1) Continue working on the Commentary Video (Due Thursday)
    2) Bring any materials you need to work on the Commentary Video into class tomorrow 
    Due: 5/22
    Finish Part 1 & 2 Due on Wed (on Google Classroom)
    Due: 5/23
    Honors Math:
    Three Act Math Task Project
    Due: 5/30
    Complete Form on Google Classroom
    Due: 5/22
    Homework is also available on Ms. Somer's webpage: www.myhaikuclass.com/tsomers/somersscience