•   English Science Math World Geography
    Welcome to Explorer team 2018-2019! We're excited to have you on our                                 team this year! The teacher's on our team are:
                                   Mrs. Paddol- World Geography
                                   Mr. Lawton- English
                                   Mr. Woodcock- Math
                                   Mrs. Welsh- Science Click here for class website. 
                                                                   Click here for online textbook
                                                                   click here for digestive system iBook
                                                                    click here for circulatory system iBook 
    Homework Tues 1/22
    World Geo:
    Due: 1/23
    1) Arm Model and Flipgrid Video due Wed 1/23
    2) Bring earbuds or headphones tomorrow 
    Due: 1/23
    Red, Blue, Green 
    1) HW 13 due Thursday
    2) Quizizz assigned on Classroom for people retaking the circles quiz next Wednesday during WIN
    Due: 1/23
    1) For Thursday, create flashcards for the nonfiction vocabulary words and acronyms we have learned
    2) Check Aspen
    Due: 1/23