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    November brings us inside. We will begin our fitness center rotations. This involves going 
    over our safety points and being sure everyone knows how to properly use all the machines. We will continue to work on our fitness testing. Next up is the Pacer Test.Then we will focus on push-ups and sit-ups. We will also be playing a variety of games.  On the to-do list is will also Gaga Spikeball and Mat Kickball.  Stay tuned for more info.

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    This fall we are working on cardiovascular endurance getting ready for the mile run. Each week in PE we add a minute or two to our jogging time. As of 9/26 we are up to six minutes of consecutive jogging.   We ask every student to try their best. If a student has to walk we encourage them to count to ten and get going again.  The mile run should not be a stressful event-just do your best.  
    Current activities include football skills and modified game play, ultimate games including the skills of throwing a frisbee, and street hockey.  On rainy days we have been inside playing large group games. 
    The mile run is planned for the week of October 16th.  It's our hope that everyone is healthy and the "mile run flu" doesn't hit :)

    WELCOME BACK:              
    I hope you had a fun and relaxing summer!
    As you prepare for back-to-school make sure you have proper PE attire ready to go.  Students will be required to bring their PE clothes DAILY to gym class and then take them back to their school locker or take them home (just like you do with your books and binders).  Students will be allowed to use a "day locker" to secure their belongings during PE class, but will not be allowed to store their PE clothes or leave after school sports equipment in them.  Everything comes and goes with the student. 
    So as you prepare for the new school year, find a small sports bag that you can carry your gym clothes, sneakers, deodorant, comb, combination lock... with you on a daily basis.  Students wanting to secure their belongings with a combination lock will be given one to borrow for the year.  This lock will also be taken with the student at the end of each gym class.  Any locks left on a locker will be removed (cut off at student's expense---I know this seems harsh, but we must keep all lockers open for every gym class and after school sports).   The good news about this daily gym clothes policy is that everyone's PE attire will hopefully smell fresh each day and the locker rooms should be smelling really nice with no stale gym clothes lingering in the lockers :)