• Lexington Public Schools & Lexington Police Department Partnership

    For 30+ years, the Lexington Police Department has used a Park, Lock, & Walk program, which is often referred to as a PLW. A PLW is used by a uniformed patrol officer during a regular shift to stop, exit their cruiser, and walk about a business area, recreational area, or local neighborhood. This program emphasizes the importance of officers interacting with the community as well as gaining a more intimate familiarization of their patrol sectors.

    The Chief of Police and School Superintendent are proposing expanding the PLW program to include elementary and middle schools. During school days, a uniformed patrol officer will stop for 15-30 minutes and check-in at the Principal’s office. The officer will then walk about the school, share a lunch, visit a recess or gym class, or otherwise be available as a resource to the school. The officer, as a “community helper,” will have the opportunity in a non-emergency, informal way to build important bonds with students and faculty.

    The Police Department will continue to have a School Resource Officer, assigned primarily to the High School, who is available throughout the school district.