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     Atlantis Team:           Ms. Richmond - Ancient Civ.
                                      Mr. Pelkey      - Math
                                      Ms. Fattal       - English
                                      Ms. Sandler    - Science
                         - Make sure to get plenty of rest and eat a healthy breakfast.
    TEAM NOTE:  Mr. Pelkey's classes participated in Hour of Code. 
    The link used in class for this activity is posted here:  Hour of Code Link      
    HOMEWORK CLUB:  Atlantis HW Club is changing!
                            Wednesday HW Club has ended due to baseball season...
                            If you would like to continue going to HW Club you can go to room 355 on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
                            Ms. Bird is running HW Club.  Our LHS Tutors will be there to help.
                                            Students are welcome to come for help with HW, or to work on HW with friends.
                                            We will have LHS students here to work as peer tutors for our Clarke students.  
                                            Atlantis kids can bring friends from other teams. 
                                            Students from all grades are welcome.
    Homework Reminder:  If you spend 20 minutes of HARD WORK  and you are not close to
                                          finishing you can have a parent/guardian initial your HW.
                                         This will excuse you from finishing the assignment.  You will not be penalized.  
                                         You can then use the time to work on other assignments.
                                         6th Graders should spend close to one hour each night on HW.
    Ancient Civilizations: -  Myth project calendar.










    Steps 1 – 3 completed

    If there is time start Step 4

    HW: Finish steps 1 -3


    Myth Masters

    Short classes


    Step 4



    No School

    Memorial Day


    Step 4 (if necessary)

    Start Step 5


    HW: 15 minutes typing


    Finish Step 5 (if necessary)


    Steps 6 & 7

    HW: Finish step 7


    Peer editing

    Make edits in documents


    HW: Step 8

    June 1


    Final picture

    Last minute edits



    HW: Final project due Tuesday

                      This site is NOT used to replace your assignment book.  
                      It will be updated as often as possible, but I can't promise to get to it every day.
                      Daily assignments should always be written in your assignment books. 
                      You may have to call a friend if this is not up to date. 
    -- Please organize your binders.
                      Clean out your math stuff from the last unit.
                       You can leave papers in a folder at home or recycle.  
                        Keep your stuff from our current unit.
                       Take all of the junk out of the front pocket of your binder.  
                       That junk makes your job at school harder.  
                       Put that in the appropriate sections of your binders. 
    for the week of... 4/30
    Challenge #53 due Friday
             MONDAY - 6-5 both sides
                            Do all 6 on the front and any 8 on the back
             TUESDAY - Mixed Review #9
                              Due Thursday
             WEDNESDAY  - 
             THURSDAY - 3-6 ws
                                problem #9
              FRIDAY  - Topic Review
                           - read through the list of topics to review
                           - write at least 3 questions you would like to discuss in class Monday
    for the week of...  4/23
             MONDAY -  
             TUESDAY  - MCAS Practice Problem - figures and tiles
                             - show and explain work
             WEDNESDAY  - MCAS Practice Problem - correct your own
                             - show and explain work
             THURSDAY - MCAS Practice Problem - do fish tank, score the back
                             - show and explain work
              FRIDAY     - MCAS Practice Problem - both sides
                             - show and explain work
                             - Quiz Corrections - Area and Surface Area Quiz
                                                        - do corrections on sep paper
    Science     Just for fun:   Watch "Orbit: Earth's Extraordinary Journey" a BBC documentary on netflix. <--This is not HW
     App: earthlapse...look at the world through the international space station. 
    HW: NO official homework. (some fun video links above.)
    REVISION opportunities: (DUE NEXT THURSDAY) 
    Climate Change Test: If you scored below 80 you can do test corrections. Using the test correction sheet in class, or a schedule a time for me to help you. 
    Observations of CO2 lab (not green class): If parts are crossed out, you made inferences, not observations.  On a piece of paper, write down what the difference is between an observation and an inference. Then provide an example of each. 
    Review of inferences and observation: 
    IN class: https://
    Thurdsay:  Red, Green, and Blue: On a piece of paper, write your name at the top; Then  write one thing you need to know more about to be successful on a test about seasons. Which will include an explanation about why we have seasons, the vocabulary that explains the movement of the Earth, and to interpret models. 
    Q: Is there a test tomorrow?
    A: No. 
    Yellow: No homework (You did this in class.)
    Wednesday : No homework  (No video and questions to watch. We will watch in class tomorrow.)
    Tuesday: No homework... Unless you need to print your carbon footprint image out.
    1. Study for test on greenhouse effect, global warming and climate change. (NEXT TUESDAY) 
    What do I use to study?: 
    -Most important:  2 column notes provided today. 
    -2nd most important: Videos from the webquest to clarify any ideas. Look at the topics and rewatch some videos to increase your understanding. 
    -Extra credit for flashcards
    2. Take a pic of yourself doing the activity you selected in class. Make sure your face is in the pic. Bring in a copy by Tuesday. 
    TUESDAY: 3 parts (2 are due Friday)
    1.  Green/Blue-revise Bar graph      / Yellow- revise observation /
    The following are DUE FRIDAY:
    2. Finish webquest from MONDAY 
    3. CLIMATE factor Quiz corrections Let me know if you need help. 
    MONDAY: HW finisih webquest (15-20... and get a signature)
    IN CLASS LINKS: For webquest: 

    1: SCIENCE- THE GREENHOUSE EFFECT: From our lab, we looked at how  adding carbon dioxide to the air can cause an increase in the temperature.  Watch the video below to learn a bit more about how this happen.



    2. EVIDENCE FROM THE PAST: Where do scientists get EVIDENCE for the past amounts of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere? Watch these 2 videos about Ice Cores as evidence:



    3: EVIDENCE From Satellites: Watch how Carbon Dioxide (CO2)  moves around the Earth in this time lapse video from NASA satellite imagery.  Watch the first half of the video: 0-1:35



    Watch this  video about how carbon (and carbon dioxide) move through the Earth system.



    5. HUMAN IMPACT: Watch this video to see why NASA scientists currently believe that human activity is causing climate change. Great video with lots of real NASA satellite data and images of Earth.




     7: IMPACT: Explore the website to learn about the impact of climate change
    8: How will climate change affect you? Your community? The environment around you? https://archive.epa.gov/climatechange/kids/impacts/effects/index.html

    9. SOLVING: TO MAKE CHANGE: We need to learn a bit more about fossil fuels and electricity. .

    What is a fossil fuel?




    10. What is the connection between Fossil Fuels and Electricity?



    11. What is a carbon Footprint?





    Friday: 5/11  Homework: 
    Red, green, blue: Make a bar graph of your data. You only need to do the temperature rise in the experiment. 
    Yellow:: Complete the last page in your lab packet.  The information is copied below. Watch movie videos out greenhouse effect and impact. Do your best!


    1. There are pro’s and cons to greenhouse gases. Please list the pro’s and con’s below:








    2. Carbon Dioxide is one greenhouse gas.  Please list other greenhouse gases? 
    3. What is the impact of burning fossil fuels? 
    Monday 5/7:  No Homework!
    Friday: Study for quiz on Monday.
    -What is the difference between climate and weather (resource-weather/climate packet first 2 pages.)
    -What factors affect the climate and how do they impact/influence the climate? (rest of the packet)
    -know where the tropical, temperate, and polar zones are. 
    -know that sea level = 0degrees altitude
    -know that the equator is at 0degrees, and the north pole is at 90 degrees.
    -Be able to interpret models and graph of climate information. 
    Climate packet/and homework on mountains and ocean currents.
    Climate review practice (We did in class Friday)