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     Atlantis Team:           Ms. Richmond - Ancient Civ.
                                      Mr. Pelkey      - Math
                                      Ms. Fattal       - English
                                      Ms. Sandler    - Science
                                                     Guidance Counselor:  Mrs. Shapiro
    Atlantis Team Hour of Code
    Click here to get started with an Hour of Code Activity.
    If you want some more variety and more choices, click here, note that some are very neat, some might be too time consuming or confusing 
    HOMEWORK CLUB:  Atlantis HW Club   
    We meet in 367 on Wednesdays from 3:00pm - 4:00pm
     Students are welcome to come for help with HW, or to work on HW with friends. We will have LHS students here to work as peer tutors for our Clarke students.  
    Atlantis kids can bring friends from other teams.  Students from all grades are welcome.
    Homework Reminder:  If you spend 20 minutes of HARD WORK  and you are not close to finishing you can have a parent/guardian initial your HW. This will excuse you from finishing the assignment.  You will not be penalized. You can then use the time to work on other assignments.
    6th Graders should spend close to one hour each night on HW.
    English 2018-19:


    Ancient Civilizations: -
    Challenge of the week: CONSIDERATION
    Word, challenge, quote from previous weeks (continue to incorporate into your daily life)
    * "We make a living by wat we get, we make a life by what we give" Winston Churchill
    * find a reason to laugh for 10 seconds
    Fri: If there is a snow day on Monday, check Google Classroom for video assignment

    Pelk-A-Vision Videos - There are new Pelk-A-Vision videos on adding and subracting mixed numbers. They are posted in Mr. Pelkey's Google Classroom. NOTE! They are "underneath" the multiplication and division videos.  

                      This site is NOT used to replace your assignment book.  
                      It will be updated as often as possible, but I can't promise to get to it every day.
                      Daily assignments should always be written in your assignment books. 
                      You may have to call a friend if this is not up to date. 
    -- Please organize your binders.
                      Clean out your math stuff from the last unit.
                       You can leave papers in a folder at home or recycle.  
                        Keep your stuff from our current unit.
                       Take all of the junk out of the front pocket of your binder.  
                       That junk makes your job at school harder.  
                       Put that in the appropriate sections of your binders. 
    for the week of... 3/11
             MONDAY - 10-5 Area of Triangles only
                             - you can use a calculator 
                                  - show all steps
             TUESDAY - 10-5 Area of Trapezoids only
                               - you can use a calculator 
                                  - show all steps
             WEDNESDAY -Area of Irregular Shapes
                                  - you can use a calculator 
                                  - show all steps
             THURSDAY -  Sailboat - show ALL work                           
                                                - you can use a calculator
              FRIDAY  -  
    for the week of... 3/4
    Challenge - 
             MONDAY - SNOW DAY!!!!
             TUESDAY - 12-4 practice -- show ALL steps
                                                  -- you can use a calculator
             WEDNESDAY  -  Finish and Bring:
                                    1) 3 Figures  2)  Multiple Methods
                                    3) Additional Prac.  4)  12-4 prac
             THURSDAY -  MCAS Practice - front side only (fish tank)
                                                       - show all work
              FRIDAY  - 
    Test corrections to work on.  THIS WEEK
    1. 80 or lower: Rock test. 
    2. Crust full of rocks: steal and slide assessment. (All student can retake until 10/10)
    (Check marks on the right side are the steal and slide grade.)   Student rewrite the incorrect answers on a lined piece of paper. 
    Monday:   Study
    Tuesday:  Study
    Wednesday: No HW