• Welcome To Team Voyager!

    We are looking forward to a great year and can't wait to meet everyone.  This team web page is a great place for students and parents to visit each day. It will have links to assignments and cool web pages. It will also take you to certain class-specific webpages that will contain even more detailed info.  

    Ancient Civilizations

    Ancient Civilizations with Mr. Schechner!   Click here to be taken to Mr. Schechner's Ancient Civilization Website!


    Homework Assignments for the Week of May 21 - May 25


    Welcome to English with Ms. Siagel!


    Monday:  Theme Project due Thursday


     Tuesday:  Theme project due Thursday. Finish hard news article analysis. 





    If you forgot your book at school, you may read the chapter for Watsons here: 

    this link




    Welcome to Science with Ms. Kozak!


     Monday: Climate change solutions and invention DUE: THursday 5/24

    Tuesday: Climate change solutions and invention DUE: THursday 5/24

    Wednesday: Climate change solutions and invention DUE: THursday 5/24

    Thursday: None




     Welcome to Math with Mr. Proctor!


    Monday: In your packet, complete "Land Sections: Labsheet 1.3"

    Tuesday: In your packet, finish A-D of Labsheet 1.4 "Adding and subtracting fractions and mixed numbers"


    Thursday: None

    Friday: None