• Whom to Call in the Event of an Absence

    Any time a student is sick and not able to attend school, his/her parent or guardian is required to call the students dean's office on the day of the absence. If the parent forgets, a note excusing the absence should be delivered to the dean's office the very day of the students return.  When possible, the parent should contact the building secretary in advance to excuse an impending, planned absence.

    The Deans and corresponding Building Secretaries are:

    Mr. Scott Kmack, Dean, Arts & Humanities Building
    Mrs. Dianne Murphy, Building Secretary, ext. 69111, dmurphy@lexingtonma.org

    Mr. Jaffrie Perrotti, Dean, Math Building   
    Mrs. Carol Sampson, ext. 69720, csampson@lexingtonma.org

    Ms. Becky Wilusz, Dean, World Language Building   
    Mrs. Marlene Couture, Building Secretary, ext. 69530, mcouture@lexingtonma.org

    Mrs. Nicole Canniff, Dean, Science Building
    Mrs. Susan Donnellan, Building Secretary, ext. 69332, sdonnellan@lexingtonma.org

    Please Note: Normally, the school cannot be expected to deliver messages to students from parents, employers, friends, etc.  Only in emergency situations will the school make every effort to deliver a message.