• LPS email is moving June 30th.   

    User names remain the same. Our new domain will be @lexingtonma.org!   For staff!

    What will happen!

    On June 30, 2017, we'll turn off our First Class account, and staff will begin to use our Gmail accounts for all your communications. At that time, all new email messages sent to First Class (@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us) will be automatically delivered to your Gmail (@lexingtonma.org), and any new calendar events to which you're invited will appear on your Google Calendar. 

    Important to Know!

    Existing email messages, calendar events, and personal contacts in First Class will not appear in your Gmail account. However, you can migrate your email, calendar, and personal contacts from First Class to Gmail. To learn how, please click this link: https://goo.gl/2gFJRq 

    All active building and district conferences will become either a Google Group or a shared Google Drive folder. The Technology Department has worked with building and district leaders to ensure a smooth transition of these conferences. Every building will have a building-specific Announcements Group, Critical News Group and Staff Talk Group. These groups will be functional for building communication before June 30th. Please see this link for more specific information: https://goo.gl/LehBmu

    Building and district calendars will be (re)created over the summer and ready for you to use in September. 

    Paycheck stubs will be sent to your Gmail account starting on June 23rd

    Over the summer the District will change your staff name log-in for district accounts, such as Baseline, Aspen, etc. to your new Lexington e-mail; however, your password will remain unchanged

    What you'll  (staff) need to do!  Update your contacts and bookmarks

    After June 30, 2017, sign into your Gmail account and begin using it for all your email and scheduling. Depending on how you currently use First Class, you might also need to complete the following tasks: 

    The district advises that staff to not forward your email, but rather use these instructions for exporting your First Class email. Directions: https://goo.gl/2gFJRq

    Create your email signature in Gmail. Directions: https://goo.gl/MZ346M

    Create "filters" in Gmail to organize your Google Groups. https://goo.gl/iVuEu1 Directions: https://goo.gl/iVuEu1

    If you have used your First Class email for DESE, ELAR, iTunes or other similar accounts, please remember to change your email address. 

    The district has created many helpful resources for your transition. Please click the link https://goo.gl/ygC8Ck for a list of training materials or visit our Gmail Transition website: https://goo.gl/r5zg7m


    Contact your building ITS, tech support or any member of the steering committee (Jennifer Judkins, Tom Martellone, Ann Tehnor)