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    This is where I will post the daily homework assignments, summarize the topic we did in class, and announce quizzes and tests.  If you are ever absent or forget to write down the assignment, this is the place to check.  If you miss class or misplace a document, you can also find the worksheets used during class on this website.
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    CP1-Math 2: Final Exam Review Materials
    Day 1 Review Problems   (solutions found here).
    Day 2 Review Problems   (solutions found here).
    Day 3 Review Problems   (solutions found here).
    Day 4 Review Problems   (solutions found here).
    You can also complete the 2016 final exam for practice (found here).  Answers to the 2016 final exam are here.
    There is also a 2014 version of the final exam which you can find on the LHS Math website under "Final Exam Archives".
    Math 2 Students!
    Information on how to access the Online Textbook & Solution Manual for the Math 2 book can be found at this website: https://lps.lexingtonma.org/Page/2585
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