• LPS School Committee

    Eileen Jay


    Term Expires - 2019

    Kate Colburn

    Vice Chair

     Term Expires - 2020

    Alessandro Alessandrini


    Term Expires - 2019

    Kathleen M. Lenihan


    Term Expires - 2021

    Deepika Sawhney


    Term Expires - 2021

    Rosanna Jiang

     Student Representative



    School Committee Operating Norms (Adopted September 29,  2015)
    School Committee Goals 2016-2017 (Adopted September 6, 2016)

    To Contact the School Committee:
    Mail for the School Committee may be sent to:
    Lexington School Committee, Lexington Public Schools, 146 Maple Street, Lexington, MA 02420

    Committee E-mail may be sent to: school-com@lexingtonma.org or click on the link below.

    E-Mail the School Committee.

    To  reach individual members of the school committee, click on the names in the table above.  There are links to each members individual School Committee mail accounts.
    Please keep in mind that E-mail created or received by the School Committee is a public record and subject to the requirements of the Public Records Law. G. L. c. 66. For more information, see the Supervisor of Public Record Bulletin 1-99