• Please note agendas for all School Committee meetings are posted as they are finalized for the committee prior to the meetings.  Also, meetings times and locations are subject to change.   If you have questions, please contact the Superintendent's Office.

    Tuesday, December 19, 2017
     Lexington Town Office Building, Selectmen's Meeting Room
    1625 Massachusetts Avenue
    All agenda items and the order of items are approximate and subject to change.
    6:00 p.m.  Call to Order 
    6:01 p.m.  Executive Session:  Exemption 3:  To Discuss Strategy with Respect to Collective Bargainng Regarding SEIU
    7:00 p.m. Return to Public Session and Welcome (3 minutes) Public Comment - Written comments to be presented to the School Committee, oral presentations not to exceed three minutes
    7:05 p.m.  Superintendent Announcements:
    7:15 p.m.  School Committee Member Annopuncements:
    7:25 p.m.  Consent Agenda (5 Minutes)
    1. Approval of School Committee Minutes from November 7, 2017
    2. Approval of School Committee Minutes from November 14, 2017
    3. Approval of School Committee Minutes from November 28, 2017
    4. Approval of School Department Payroll Warrant dated December 8, 2017
    5. Approval of $300.00 Donation from Arbella Insurance Foundation Transportation Grant to fifth grade students at Estabrook Elementary, to be used towards transportation for a field trip on March 9, 2018
     7:30 p.mAgenda 
    1. Discuss Value Engineering for Hastings & LCP (45 minutes)
    2. Discussion on MCAS Results (15 minutes)
    3. Proposed FY19-23 Capital Budget-School Facilities (20 minutes)
    4. Discussion of Next Steps in Superintendent Search Process (20 minutes)


    9:10 p.m. p.m. Adjourn

    Policy AD:  Mission/Vision of the Lexington Public Schools
    The Lexington Public Schools serve to inspire and empower every student to become a lifelong learner prepared to be an active and resilient citizen who will lead a healthy and productive life.  Educators, staff, parents, guardians and community members will honor diversity and work together to provide all students with an education that ensures academic excellence in a culture of caring and respectful relationships.


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