Bowman Elementary School
    Arrival/Dismissal Routine


    Safe and orderly arrival and dismissal helps our students begin and end their days in a calm manner.  Students who arrive to school feeling good, are ready to learn with their class.  Please help your child be ready to learn by making sure he or she arrives to school on time and knows the schedule.



    Arrival Time



    Students who are not in their classrooms ready to learn by 8:45 are LATE.



    Dismissal Time



    Please do not ask for your child to be dismissed early unless your child has a medical appointment.  Student achievement is linked to time on learning.  We use all our instructional time at Bowman School.



    Going in to School with a Child (Arrival or Dismissal)

    Please park only in designated parking spots in the parking lots if you are planning to walk into the building with your child.  We welcome you at school, but illegally parked cars make for unsafe situations for our students and staff.


    Students arrive and leave Bowman School in three main ways.


    • Walking or Biking 
    • Bus
    • Car

    Walking and Biking:



    The decision to walk or bike to school is one that rests with parents.  We welcome families walking together.  Students who are third grade or above and whose families deem it appropriate may walk or bike to school independently with signed parent permission.  Younger children need to be accompanied.





    Kindergarten:  Meet your walker at the classroom

    Grades 1 and 2:  Pick up your child at Room 23

    Grades 3-5:  Pick up is at one end of the building or the other – so be sure to tell your child where you will be meeting him or her.


    Bowman School is an active participant in the Safe Routes 2 School Program.  The PTA sponsors several days that encourage walking, biking, riding the bus or carpooling to school.  Check out the PTA website for this information.  



    Bus Arrivals


    All students who ride the bus must have a bus pass and be signed up with the Transportation Office.  Students may only ride to or from school on their assigned buses.  Students may not ride home on the bus with friends.  Information on bus routes is available on the web.



    Rolling Car Drop Off and Pick Up


    Drop Off:

    Students may be dropped of at curbside between the hours of 8:15-8:45AM daily.  Parents are expected to stay in the car at all times.  Students should leave the car on the right hand side.  There is absolutely no parking in the drop off lane.  Cars will be towed.



    Please pull all the way up to the flagpole.  Your child may get out of the car independently at any point back to the corner if they can do so safely and independently. Please be careful and make sure that your child has shut the door before pulling forward.

    If your child is a Kindergartner or needs more help leaving the car, please pull up to one of the adult greeters who help children in the morning.


    8:30-8:45AM (and in the event of rain/snow)


    Please pull all the way up to the main entrance.  Your child may get out of the car once it is safely stopped from the flagpole to the main entrance.


    After 8:45AM


    You must park in the parking lot and walk your child into school if he/she arrives after 8:45AM.  Please sign your child in at the office.


    Rolling Car Pick Up


    Please place a large sign in the window of your car with the names of the children you will be picking up.  This sign should be removable, and used only for the pick up time.


    Please line up at the flagpole and wait for the signal to move forward.  This keeps our fire lane free.  You may line up for dismissal early, but we request that you turn off your car engine.  The dismissal line will move up at 3:15PM, as our first lines of children are ready to leave the building.  Children will be escorted to cars, and will receive help getting in if they need it.  Please do not leave your car.  


    Our Rolling Car Pick Up line typically has all students picked up within 15 minutes.  Please be sure to arrive on time.  Teachers typically need to go to meetings and have other work they must complete after school hours.  Please help teachers be on time.



    Changing My Child’s Dismissal Routine


    Every child must have on file a dismissal schedule, and an emergency contact sheet.

    All changes to dismissal should be IN WRITING to the classroom teacher.  A note on the morning of the change to the classroom teacher is the best way to ensure a smooth transition.  While we know that not all plans are arranged ahead, we ask that you ONLY CALL THE OFFICE IF THERE IS AN EMERGENCY THAT REQUIRES A DISMISSAL CHANGE.  All calls to the office for change in dismissal routine cause disruption of classroom teaching.  Five calls to the office (we can get 25) result in five calls to classrooms (2-3+ minutes to start and stop lessons), resulting in 10-15 minutes of lost learning time.  Please help us preserve time-on-learning!