• 2016-2017 Clubs and Activities
    Academic Decathlon Ms. K. Dewitt To introduce students to an opportunity to gain a broad range of knowledge and participate in a national competition.
    Alzheimer's Club Ms.E.Shea To provide ways to help find a cure for Alzheimer's Disease.
    American Computer Science League Mr. J. Harris To compete in ACSL sanctioned events.
    Amnesty International Club Ms. B. Forrelli/Ms. K. DeWitt Promote social justice by bringing attention to human rights violations
    Anchal Awareness Club Ms. J. Antoline Raise money and awareness to support the Anchal Project, an organization that merges design, business and education to empower commercial sex workers in India.
    Anime Club Ms. K. Kilts Watch anime, make jokes & have fun.
    Art and the Community Ms. Miyoung Lee Mission is to bring students who are passionate about art together & create individual projects (to sell for fundraising) as well as create a grand project all together to display at LHS.
    Art Club Ms. R. Durocher Create visual projects that will contribute to the school environment and community.
    Asian Music Club Ms. L.Pan Bring together students who are interested in singing Chinese songs. Combines Chinese culture and signing. Lets students have fun singing & understanding Chinese culture & language.
    Asian Students' Union Ms. L. Pan To explore and experience different Asian experiences.
    Bee Keepers Assoc. Mr. B. Rankin To bring awareness to the worldwide threat on pollinators.  Environmental science on honeybees and conservation of the species.
    Best Buddies Ms. R. Strizhak/Ms. P. Rizzo Provides the opportunity for students with "disabilities" to make friends with students who are "non disabled"
    Between the Lines: LHS Book Club Ms.S.Anderson Bring together students with a passion for reading, discussing, discovering books from a variety of genres.
    Bhangra Club Ms. M. Haviland Indian Dance & Music Club
    Bridge Club Ms. B. Pelletier To bring students together who are interested in playing bridge.
    Car Club Mr. D. Barneschi To promote safe driving among teen drivers while bringing students interested in the common theme of cars. Cars & coffee events will be held in order to support charities.
    Certamen Latin Club Ms. M. Haviland This club meets and studies Latin
    Chess Club Mr. M. Gardner To play and promote the game of chess.
    Chinese Calligraphy Club Ms. L. Pan Raise Awareness of Chinese Culture through Chinese calligraphy.
    Christian Club Mr.S.Beh To create a Christian community that welcomes Christians and non-Christians. To explore beliefs, support one other in prayer & fellowship & serve those in need.
    Class Council (2017) Mr. W. Cole/Ms. S. Michael class activities
    Class Council (2018) Ms. M. Queenin class activities
    Class Council (2019) Ms. E. Moughty-Curtain class activities
    Class Council (2020) Ms. S. Prosowski/Ms. J.Goodstone class activities
    Clean Water Club Ms. R Strizak To help raise money and bring awareness to this problem.
    Clinics for a Cause Ms. J. Compton Want to raise $ to help stock / build medical clinics around the world. This year we would like to focus on raising money for clinics in Syria due to the war with bake sales etc
    Comics & Superheroes Club Ms. E. Cook To bring together students who share a passion for comics and superheroes.
    Community Activists Ms. B. Jezak Discuss/debate social issues that  might or might not directly affect us. We plan on raising awareness about certain social issues, for instance feminism & discriminations between people.
    Composing & Arranging Club Mr. P. Donaher/Ms. M. Riccio To cultivate a community of composers, arrangers, and performers to help develop their musical skill
    Computational Linguistics Club Ms. M. Haviland Computational linguistics is the scientific and engineering discipline of understanding language from a computational perspective. Members of the club practice solving linguistic puzzles based on patterns. Some members have competed in the Linguistics Olympiad.
    Cooking Club Mr. C. Mixer To explore, learn and develop an understanding & proficiency in culinary & pastry arts.
    Cradles to Crayons Ms. A. Wojtowicz Raise money and collect clothes and school supplies for poor children.
    Crafts for Love Ms. E. Barrett To make crafts and donate them to nursing homes, daycares, and local societies.
    Creative Writing Ms. J.Fouhy Improve writing skills by exploring different aspects of the writing.
    Cricket Club Mr. N. Gould To bring together students interested in cricket so they can learn more about it.
    Debate Club Ms. S. Kaczmarck Students participating in the club will engage in regular debates and other speaking activities, covering a host of contemporary topics.
    Dept. Energy Science Bowl Mr. N. Gould/ Dr. B. Pohlmon Science department team. Competes at state and national levels.
    Digital Imaging & Design Club Ms. D. Haupt Bring together students interested in digital imaging & design and fulfill the need of more appealing posters/flyers with other clubs.
    Do It Yourself (DIY) Club Ms. M. Barkson (Eaton) Bring together students who favor a specific media of art and combine to make art - explores more in-depth self expression.
    Drama Club Ms.K. Dobbins students can learn and practice dramatic techniques in a welcoming, playful environment. 
    Eat Wise Ms. B. Newberg To promote awareness of the impact that certain food ingredients could have on us.
    Economics Club* Mr. W. Cole To study economics, participate in simulations and interesting activities, and to prepare for spring economics competitions such as the Harvard Economics Challenge and the National Economics Challenge.
    Envirothon Team Mr. S. Wilkins Science department team. Competes at state and national levels
    Ethical Reasoning Challenge (ERC) Ms. K. Russell To challenge students intellectually through discussions on ethical & philosophical questions; to question conventional ways of thinking and expand knowledge on the different theories of philosophers. Also will prepare club members for the ERC-an ethical reasoning competition held at Harvard.
    Eurogaming LHS Mr. D.Wininger Introduce strategy board games(Eurogame is a term to describe this genre). Unlike games such as Monopoly/Sorry, etc., Eurogames emphasize player interaction both cooperative & competitive.
    Extra Support League (E.S.L.) Club Ms. B. Adolph To help international students adapt to the new environment .Money raising projects to fund club activities such as field trips in town to help connect them to the town.
    Fashion Club Ms. V. Sountsova To enable and guide students to employ their creativity through fashion.
    Feeding America Ms. J. Yao To feed the hungry by becoming local partner of Feeding America and to engage LHS in the fight to end hunger.
    Feminism Club Ms. R. Farber-Mazor To challenge students intellectually through discussions on etical & philosophical questions; to question conventional ways of thinking and expand knowledge on the different theories of philosophers. Also will prepare club members for the ERC-an ethical re
    Fencing Club Mr. M. Egbert Foster a deep interest in the sport of fencing, teaching fundamentals and techniques.  Welcoming all skill levels.
    Film Club Ms. M. Pappas To learn more about Film.  Film community/school events.
    Fishing Club Mr. J. Borden
    First Robotics Club Mr. J. Harris Inspire young people to be science & technology leaders 
    Fitness Club Mr. V. Cuzzupe Work out.
    Folio Magazine Ms. H. Gilligan/Ms. C. Walters publishes  Folio Magazine, a literary and arts magazine made up of student work. 
    Formula One In School Club Mr. C. Mixer Complete the program to design, create & race a CO2 model car in a regional competition.
    French Club Ms.H. Kimura/Mr. M. Doherty To explore French culture
    Game Development Club Mr. S. Maitland To bring students together who want to build games.
    Gender and Sexuality Alliance Ms. A Roy/Ms.R.Jayson  A support, education, advocacy, and discussion group for LHS students and adults concerned about issues impacting queer people, their families and their allies.
    German Club Ms. H. Floerke To expose students to German culture and language
    Global Citizen Corp Mr. S. Beh to help feed and take care of the homeless community in Harvard Square.
    Global Warming Action Coalition(GWAC) Ms. A. Lewis To make LHS community more aware of environmental issues and to work towards making the school more environmentally friendly.
    Guitar Club: Beginners Mr. D. Melia To learn guitar and improve skills by playing new chords and songs that will challenge club members.
    Guitar Club: Jam Sessions Mr. R. Pohlman 45-min jam sessions; just play guitar and have fun.
    Habitat for Humanities Ms. H. Kimura Raise awareness and fundraise for the charity organ, Habitat for Humanities.
    Hacky Sack Club Ms. G. Segars To bring kids together who enjoy playing hacky sack and to promote physical activity.
    Healing Boston's Soldiers Ms. J. Yao To help promote awareness for those who have serve our country and who are now living in poor conditions in the Boston area. Our goal is to improve living conditions for these heroes.
    Hearts for Hospitals Ms. C. Kent Gather students with a common goal of community support for patients in hospitals & clinics. We will do volunteer work, fund raise and help our community. 
    History Bowl & Quiz Bowl Ms. D. Israel To compete in the new nationwide competition in world history.
    Humans of LHS Mr. D. Barneschi A chance for LHS to come together as a community and see the unique diversity presenting their stories via pictures can help students connect.
    Illustration Club Ms. C. Bean To have drawing skills and to give honest and constructive art critiques
    Improve Troupe Needs Advisor Students learn, practice and perform improvisation techniques.
    Invention Club Mr. S. Wilkins To help students build upon their engineering and innovation skills and showcase them.
    Jewish Heritage Club Mr. D Walsh To provide a place for Jewish students to discuss current students, and for non-Jewish students to learn about Judaism. 
    Junior State of America (JSA) Mr. J. Olivier-Mason Our mission is to be a completely student-run organization dedicated towards an exchange of ideas through student debates, thought talks, simulations. 
    K-pop Dance Club Ms. R.  LeCompte To learn Korean dances together, and also discuss the latest in the industry.
    Kendo Club Ms. K. Vargas Offer LHS students education and training related to the Japanese martial art of Kendo and to promote interest in the art of Kendo.
    Lex Muskeeto: Satirical Newspaper Ms.S.StLawrence Highlight social issues using satirical news articles through an online newspaper written by LHS students.
    Lexington Unfiltered for Teens(LUFT) Mr. P. Flynn Students discuss openly current affairs.
    LHS Quiz Show Team Mr. W. Cole/Ms. K. Darling To select, train and support our annual WGBH Quiz Show appearance.
    LHS Speaks Ms. R. Strizhak To provide students with a larger audience to appreciate their passion for writing, drawing, or any other creative expression.
    Liberty in North Korea (LINK) Ms.J.Compton Raise awareness about the people of North Korea & to fundraise to help refugees living in hiding to reach safety.
    Library Project Ms. C. Sullivan To bring awareness to the issue of literacy in rural Asia and to fundraise for the Library Project, a nonprofit that has been improving children's' literacy and building libraries in rural Asia
    Life is a Great Puzzle Mr. T. Buckley To bring together students interested in playing puzzle games, especially traditional Chinese puzzle games.
    Lions Club Ms. R. Lecomte The Lions Club serves all people in the community whether they are in catastrophic situation or not. There are projects that can be done on a small scale or an international scale.
    Magicians of LHS Ms. J. Antoline Mission is to share magic tricks among our group so we can better ourselves as magicians.  (No cards being used for the purpose of magic during school hours.)
    Malala  Ms.S.Knecht to raise money and awareness for women's education in the developing world.
    Math Club Ms.W.Cordero Math Department team. Competes at state and national levels
    Medical Club Dr. J. Altrueter to provide opportunities for students who are interested in a medical career to explore the field and career options.
    Microfinance Club Ms. K. DeWitt To help low-income families in other countries start up their companies.
    Mind, Body & Soul Ms.J.Compton To practice meditation and spread positivity.
    Mock Trial Club Ms.R.LeComte Engage students in a simulated ("mock") trial competition .
    Model Congress Mr. L. David Create a disc. Grp. in which members gain a better idea of what their views are on various topics.  Research & debate certain issues. Fundraising for a charity.
    Model UN Ms. K. Manning Focuses on both human/humanitarian and political aspects of international relations
    Mountain Club Ms. K San Felipe Gather to discuss hiking, biking, camping and other activities.
    Musical Outreach Collaboration Mr. J. Leonard Student musicians who want to share their talent and give back to the community by playing chamber music, jazz and more.
    National Honor Society Dr. P. Kumar LHS chapter of the national organization. Service club.
    National Art Honor Society Mr. D. Barneschi To acknowledge students who have excelled in art and service.
    National Ocean Science Bowl Dr. A Lewis/Ms. ,J Compton Science department team. Competes at state and national levels
    Neuroscience & Psychology Club Ms.S.St.Lawrence Teach students, raise awareness and prepare for competitions in the field of neuroscience.
    One Love: Children Helping Children Dr. Y. Huang To fundraise to provide aid to children in dangerous and/or povertized areas who do not have access to necessary resources.
    One Sky Ms. J. Yao Fundraising & raising awareness for China Care, an organization for donations to orphans in China
    Origami Club  Ms. M. Tracy Study the Japanese art of paper folding.
    OSU Club Ms. R. Strizhak To get kids together to play OSU; to connect players.
    Ovarian Cancer Club Ms. K. Russell To raise awareness and funds to contribute to the NOCC (National Ovarian Cancer Coalition) and to provide information to support students impacted by ovarian cancer.
    Overwatch Club Ms. J. Yao To bring together students with an interest in the videogame "Overwatch".
    Oxfam America Mr.L. David To raise money & awareness for the global issues of poverty, hunger and injustice.
    Paintball Enthusiast Club Mr. J. Beauregard To bring together paintball enthusiasts.
    Pamoja Project Ms. S. Nabet To fundraise for various charities that help better the lives of those in developing regions of Africa.
    Peer Leaders & Mentors Ms. M. Queenin Students volunteer for projects around school. 
    Pencils of Promise Ms.C.Sullivan Raises $ to build schools, support teachers, supply clean water, and provide scholarships in 3rd world countries.
    People & Fashion Drawing Club Ms. K. DePesa To bring students together who are interested in the hobby of drawing people and fashions
    Period Club Ms. E. Hadden To raise money to purchase menstrual hygiene products for donation to women in homeless shelters.
    Philosophy Club Ms. P. Kumar To encourage high school students to explore, enjoy, and utilize philosophy while providing an open minded discussion.
    Photography Club Ms. R. Levanoni Students share their photos and work together to improve their art.
    Ping Pong Club Mr. N. Gould Play ping pong.
    Pottery Club Ms.E. Patterson Make pottery, sell pottery for fundraising for field trips.
    Random Acts of Kindness Club Ms. K. Strobel To help alleviate student stress during difficult times; to build community
    REACH (Beyone Domestic Violence) Ms. C. Parish To raise awareness of domestic abuse; to raise money and collect goods for shelters
    Red Cross Club of LHS Ms. C. Stueve, Ms. E. Hirsch Promote public awareness on important role of Red Cross mission in community, service projects  to help sch. and community.
    Rugby Club Mr.C.Doucette To teach the sport of Rugby to students by watching games (Rugby World Cup); to raise money for rugby gear for youth rugby clubs.
    Russian Club Mr. D. Winninger To introduce people to the Russian culture, food and games.
    SADD Ms. J. Fenn/Ms. C. Sullivan/C.White Students Against Destructive decisions. Substance abuse prevention
    Science Leaders Ms. Sarah Legge Inspiring & motivating students about the world of science by bringing scientists from different fields to talk about their research & how they got into their field.
    Science Olympiad Ms. K. SanFelipe To prepare for annual science Olympiad competition.
    Science Prep Club Ms. V. Santsova To spread and promote interest in many fields of science. Students leaders will offer lecture. Also review for science competitions. 
    Seva & Sariskar: The Indian Alliance Ms. E. Haddan Mission-make students aware of Indian culture & to enlighten them with ideas that we present.
    Skating Club Ms.K. Strobel LHS has many skaters, synchro & individuals who all skate but don't really know each other or compete against each other competitively. Meet & skate stress free.
    Slam Poetry Ms.T.Liljegren To unite students with interests in poetry and performance.
    Smash Club Mr. S. Beh To unite the student body through the videogame "Super Smash Brothers" by Nintendo
    Social Justice on Campus Club Ms. R. Farber-Mazor To provide a safe and supportive environment which fosters discussion of various social/identity issues and how they connect. To promote awareness in the school community of prevalent issues.
    SPCA Animal Protection Club Ms. J. Cohen Protect animals.
    Spikeball Club Ms.E.Cook To play and join the movement of Spikeball, a new fun game.
    Stand For Trees* Ms. J. Kuo to raise money through different fundraising activities throughout the year to send to the organization Fund for Trees, which protects endangered forests around the world and reduces the impacts of climate change. 
    Start Up Club Mr. W. Cole To provide a forum for students who are interested in entrepreneurship and business development; to compete in the Diamond Challenge, where students develop an idea for a business and prepare an effective business plan and pitch to convince investors to back the idea. Additional guidance is provided by established entrepreneurs in our local community.

    Student Faculty Senate Ms. L. Sheppard-Brick
    Sustainable Agriculture,Food,Energy Ms. S. Kaczmarek  If you have questions email Stephen Mock at sjmock99@gmail.com
    Tabletop Gaming Club Mr. C. Doucette To learn, teach, play various tabletop (non-electronic) games, such as role playing games (RPG's) like Dungeons & Dragons, trading card games (TLG's): Magic, The Gathering, & board games.
    TARC Rocketry Club Ms. D. Haupt To create a team for the TARC Rocketry competition (rocketcontest.org)
    Tech Crew Mr. J. DiPerna This club does lighting and set construction for the plays
    Teen Advisory Board Ms. H. Wallen Community outreach for teenagers.
    The Musket Ms. J. Kuo School newspaper
    Think Pink Ms. C. Baum To raise awareness and money for breast cancer and other cancers.
    Tricorn: Independent Student Publishing Mr. J. Olivier-Mason To introduce students to writing competitions as well as an opportunity to publish their work. To encourage students to pursue creative writing options and to educate them in the written craft.
    Triathlon Club Ms.S.St.Lawrence For those with interest in swimming, cycling and running.
    Ukulele Club Ms.L.Ferrari All are welcome - no ukulele required.
    Ultimate Frisbee Club Mr. L. David/Mr. A. Verner Compete with other schools playing Ultimate Frisbee
    Watch Making Club Ms. M. Binnall To build a dream. To create a watch. 
    World Wildlife Fund Club Mr. P. Flynn To raise money for the World Wildlife Fund; the leading organization that is helping to improve the environment and animals around the world.
    Yearbook Ms. H. Wallen Publish the yearbook in the spring