• Bullying Prevention Program for Lexington Public Schools

    Dr. Paul Ash has announced the distribution of the most recent version of the draft Bullying Prevention and Intervention Plan and the draft School Committee policy on Bullying Prevention and Intervention.  
    Click here for a copy of the Bullying Incident Reporting Form.
    Click here for a copy of the Anonymous Reporting Form.

    Student Red Flags and Risky Behavior Resources

    Many students in Lexington, as in communities throughout the country, are experiencing unhealthy and unacceptable levels of stress. This unhealthy stress not only impedes academic success, but can also lead to risky behaviors and serious physical and mental health problems. The School District has made available the following resources:
    Reducing Stress and Developing Resiliency website based out of Lexington High School, is intended as an ongoing resource for the community to exchange information, ideas, and new developments around issues of stress.

    It provides resources for parents, for students, and for educators including:

    1. Information about the causes and symptoms of unhealthy stress
    2. Tools and programs to help manage unhealthy stress and foster resiliency

    3. An on-line forum for parents to exchange ideas, questions, and concerns
    Additional Resources

    See the Bullying Prevention section of the LPS Health and Safety Information website for more information.