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    Attention Sophomores:  Every student will read a selection of stories from the Sophomore Nonfiction Reader. PLEASE DISREGARD THE LANGUAGE ON THE FIRST PAGE OF THE READER THAT INDICATES THERE IS NO REQUIRED READING. THIS READING IS REQUIRED.


    Lexington High School

    Welcome rising sophomores!

    This digital packet contains much of the nonfiction that we will read for our first unit of the year. You will receive a hard copy of this packet during the first week of school.

    The sophomore teachers recommend that you take some time this summer to dip into the stories and writing tips in this document. Use the Table of Contents on the second page to navigate.

    Sophomore Poetry Project - Class of 2017
    Here is the link
    Sophomore Poetry Project - Class of 2018
    Here is the link
    Read Outloud Project
    Here is the link
    Please Note: This link can be accessed by anyone in Lexington, when they are logged into @lexma account - by going to the site app - and choosing "browse sites"
    Mission Statement
    The English program at Lexington High School is designed to improve all students’ writing, reading, speaking, and critical thinking skills.  Across grade levels, courses reinforce the skills and habits of mind students need to be life-long learners. 

     Students will:

     ·        learn to produce coherent and cohesive writing, use precise vocabulary, and develop topics with purposeful structure and organization; and to write for multiple purposes and multiple audiences.  Students develop the perseverance they need to approach writing as a process through prewriting, peer review, and revision. 

    ·        develop an interest in reading and learn to consume culture critically: they think critically about what they read and the world in which they live.  Students read literature from multiple genres, cultures, and times to inspire discussion and reflection about what it means to be human.

    ·        respond critically and thoughtfully to each other through discussion and to present information for multiple purposes and audiences.

     ·        practice fruitful and responsible collaboration in the classroom and across multiple online platforms.