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    Program Leader:
    Secretary Name:
    Amy Moran
    781-861-2320 x69534
    Room 511
    Heather Foley

    World Language Department Mission Statement

    The Lexington Public Schools World Language Program prepares students for meaningful interactions with people around the world, helping them to understand the inextricable link between language and culture as they work to understand and communicate with respect in the language they are learning, and at the same time deepening their understanding of their own language and culture; while inspiring them to be curious, to be open to sharing new experiences and new ideas, ultimately with the goal of creating networks of collaboration to address the challenges facing today’s world.

     Language attributed to:  Clementi, Donna & Terrill, Laura (2013).The Keys to Planning for Learning: Effective Curriculum, Unit, and Lesson Design. Alexandria, VA.: The American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages.


    Our Core Beliefs

     We believe that all students can learn a language.

     We believe that learning a language is a lifetime endeavor.

     We believe that in an increasingly globalized world, a high quality education must include language learning.

     We believe that we build community by considering others’ perspectives.

     Student Learning Goals

     Students will learn more about their own culture by learning about another culture.

     Students will be able to communicate with native speakers in authentic situations to negotiate meaning.