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    Adi Mandel


    Take a glimpse on Adi's zest for life and view a slide show of his Nature photography portfolio.


    (written by his mom Carmen, October 2009)

    "At the age of six, I made a formal pledge to my mommy: when I reach 20 years of age I am going to travel to Canberra, Australia, to continue mommy's advocacy for the welfare of the Belconnen kangaroos. I wrote down my destination and kept the note in my room until time comes." April 2008


    Book - EndangeredAdi [ah-'dee] Mandel loved our Earth and her dwellers. With his mother Carmen, he devised ideas on conservation projects. Adi wore to his Kindergarten classroom t-shirts portraying his mother's nature photography (an owl, farm creatures), talking vividly about a compassionate life.

    Adi's last project in 2008

    Adi was a kindergartener deemed "the expert" in animals and endangered species. His last school project was being in charge of making a classroom book about endangered animals.


    Adi MandelIn 2007, at the age of five, Adi started taking nature photographs following his mother's passion. At the age of six, Adi had built a large nature photography portfolio. His photographs reflect the natural beauty in things simple yet full of whim and surprises. Adi wished to inspire people to take a better care of the planet.

    In November 2008, Adi died in an accident at the age of six, shortly after completing his first photography portfolio. Little Adi left a compassionate message in our hearts for a better Earth.


    Adi had participated in photography contests. His photographic works are exhibited in various places:

    • Photography Contests
      • 2008 National Geographic International Photography Contest, categories Nature (macro photography), Children
      • 2008 Reflections Program national contest, categories Photography, Kindergarten
    • Photography Awards
      • 2008 Pink Sky, a glorious sunset, received a Massachusetts state award, category Kindergarten, from the PTA Reflections Program national contest.
    • Photography Exhibitions
      • Harrington School, LCP area, Lexington, MA. (permanent)
      • Bridge School, main hall, Reflections Program participants glass cabinet
      • Cary Memorial Library, Lexington, MA (forthcoming in 2010)
    Visit Adi's portfolio gallery at: Adi Mandel photography portfolio