Technology Training Center

Welcome!  Please use the menu at the left to select the tool you would like to know more about.  Check back frequently, this site is updated often.   If you have further questions, please contact your building Instruction Technology Specialist.  **
Instructional Staff/Coaches  
Rachel Kuberry, Assistive Technology - District Wide
Stephanie Hoban, Lexington High School (@sahoban)
Rina Farber-Mazor, Lexington High School 
David Wininger, Lexington High School 
Eddie Davey, Clarke Middle School
Howard Wolke, Diamond Middle School
Betsy Peterson, Estabrook and Hastings Elementary Schools
Lisah Rhodes, Bowman and Fiske Elementary Schools
Ann Kim Tenhor, Bridge and Harrington Elementary Schools
Fran Salter , District Trainer 
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