• For 2019-2020: Please use my new website: https://sites.google.com/lexingtonma.org/sknecht

    This year assignments will be posted to Google Classroom. If you are a student who was absent or have lost or forgotten the homework, that is the place to check. If you don't see what you need, send me an email! This site has links to homework calendars for others.
  • Need help? I'm available in room 713 every day after school. I Block is also a good time to ask questions, but after school you are more likely to get my undivided attention! The Learning Center (room 711) is also available for help on a drop in basis. Peer tutors are available there too. If you are interested in a peer tutor, see Ms. Solomon in the Learning Center or talk to me.



    Teacher Name: Sheera Knecht
    Courses Taught:  Computer Programming, Math 4 Honors, Math 2 CP1
    Classrooms: 810, 703
    Email: sknecht@lexingtonma.org
    Office Location: 713