• Welcome to Dr. Franks Science and Engineering Classes.

    On this page you will find information about course assignments/homework,  projects, and assessments.

    Attention Parents
    From time to time I will be posting notices to you concerning our curriculum and activities.  Please read the parent link for any information you might need to have your questions answered.
    Contacting me:  I travel between Clarke MS and Diamond MS during the day.  Contacting me by phone may be difficult therefor, I check my email regularly.  Please use my email (vfranks@sch.ci.lexington.ma.us) as your best resource.

    Engineering Course Resources
    This course is and extension of the science curriculum.  The new MA Frameworks includes science, technology and engineering.  The Engineering Design curriculum incorporates the engineering standards in order to prepare students for the 8th grade Science, Technology & Engineering MCAS.
    The course will be based on the completion of three major projects
    Packaging and Materials
       Post the Pringle
       Keep the Heat
    Drafting and Engineering Design
       Resilient Structures

    Science Course Resources
    Science Books
    Your Science text can be found on line. We will be using both the Glencoe and the CPO text in and out of class

    If using the Glencoe text (the same as home version)
    Go to

    and type in our code CAB41DBAF6
    Mac users you must open the book in Safari

    On line resources for the text can be found at

    If you are using the CPO text for reading (book in class)
    Go to
    CPO Book
    or go to
    Student User: fps023s
    pw: fps023s

    Another important link for the science class will be my additional science site found at
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