Bowman Elementary School
    Site-Based Council


    Site-Based Council Information
    Sometimes called “School Councils,” Site-Based Councils were mandated by the Education Reform Act of 1993 as part of the Act’s decentralization of decision-making.  At every Massachusetts public school, the Council is composed of equal numbers of elected teachers and parents, together with the principal and a community representative, generally serving staggered terms.  The role of the School Council is to advise the Principal, especially in creating and evaluating the School Improvement Plan.  As the Council works with the Principal on matters concerning the school as a community, members of all Bowman community constituencies are invited to convey ideas and concerns to any council member.  These can be brought before the School Council for discussion.  The Massachusetts Department of Education’s web site provides detailed information about the mission and the responsibilities of Site-Based Councils.

    Bowman School Council members for the 2018 - 2019 school year
    Bowman School Staff
    • Jenny Corduck, Principal
    • Beth Glick, Assistant Principal
    • Rosanne Barbacano
    • Ellen Day
    • Melinda Webster Loof
    Bowman School Parents
    • Lauren Avery
    • Seth Moeller
    • Karin Ornstein
    • Alison Stevens