•  Spring 2019 After School Clubs

    Below is our list of spring clubs. All clubs are open to new members. Students are encouraged to register only for the clubs to which they can commit. Clubs begin the week of February 25th unless otherwise noted and end the week of May 20th. Club advisors are available to answer questions. 
    Online registration is now closed. All clubs remain open until enrollment limit is met. Students should speak with the club advisors about being added to a roster.
    Note: if registration for a club exceeds enrollment limit, a lottery will determine the club's roster and a wait list will be created. Students who miss 3 club meetings may be asked to give up their spot to the first person on the wait list.

     debate club logo
    Advisor: Ms. Factor
    Room: 1007
    Grade Level: 6th graders only
    Enrollment Limit: 15 students only (club roster will be determined by lottery after registration has closed)
    Description: This debate club for 6th graders will introduce students to the process and skills required to engage in debating a variety of topics. LHS Debate Team members coach this club.

    debate club 7  
    Advisor: Ms. Lally
    Room: 243
    Grade Level: 7th & 8th grade students only (priority will be given to 8th graders)
    Enrollment Limit: 24 students only (if enrollment exceeds 24, the club roster will be determined by lottery after registration has closed)
    Description: The 7th/8th Grade Debate Club will introduce students to the world of debate, prepare them to compete and participate in the high school debate program, and teach them how to approach the world through a more questioning and inquisitive lens. We will address several topics, including how to understand an argument, generate responses, and be compelling as well as convincing in speech. Contextualized by a week-long focus on a topic currently in the news, the skills are both approachable and interesting, making this the ideal forum to develop an understanding of the world, and of debate. LHS Debate Team members coach this club.
     stage lights      drama masks               
    Advisor: Ms. Richards
    Room: 180
    Grade Level: 8th grade only
    Enrollment Limit for Cast: 24 students
    Description: The 8th grade play-making project is an opportunity for a select group of 8th grade students to create a theatrical piece that expresses their concerns, desires and struggles. As young adults they are challenged every day to find their way through a very complex world of social, educational and familial expectations. Through the use of theater they can explore and present a thought-provoking production for the world to reflect on after the show.
    Sign ups will be posted after February break and rehearsals will begin March 20th. (Official rehearsal schedule will be posted soon). 
    CAST: If more than 24 sign up there will be an audition process. CREW: Crew will be involved in the creative process and will meet at the same times as the cast. PERFORMANCES: May 17th, 7pm (plus two in-school performances).  

    manga character


    Advisor:  Ms. D'Auria
    Room: 152
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Enrollment Limit: 24 students

    Description: Interested in exciting Anime shows, manga and/or drawing? Come and watch some movies, show episodes and discuss Anime with other students who also enjoy it. Learn tips on drawing manga/anime style. Recommend show series and mangas to others or discover new animes people recommend to you. Laugh at some crazy anime episodes and enjoy some snacks after school.

    chess board  

    Advisor: Ms. Temple
    Room: 233
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Enrollment Limit: 24 students

    Description: Chess club is for all students interested in playing and learning strategies for chess. Players of all skill levels are welcome. Tournaments and fun activities will be included, and equipment will be available as well. However, if possible, those with their own equipment should consider bringing them. Chess club will be coached by LHS student Jonathan Hsu.
     current events icon
    Advisor: Mr. Synnott
    Room: To be announced
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Enrollment Limit: 20
    Description: Love talking about news and politics? This club will offer students the opportunity to discuss ideas and opinions on a variety of topics: international relationships, new inventions, politics, etc. News from all perspectives (not just the right or left) will be included in our discussions. Have an opinion about what's going on in the world? This club is for you!! Anuka M. and Tara M. will lead this club on Wednesday afternoons.
    school newspaper
    Advisor: Ms. Wettstone
    Room: 1005
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Description: Students will write, conduct interviews, prepare articles, and provide illustrations for publication in the school newspaper. Students with questions about joining the staff of Diamond Dispatch should speak with Mrs. Wettstone.
    Diplomacy Game
    Advisors: Ms. Hogan
    Room: 229
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Enrollment Limit: 14 students

    Description: Diplomacy is a board game played on a map of Europe as it existed just before WWI. It is a game of negotiation, strategy, diplomacy, betrayal, and trust. For students interested in history and human behavior, you will learn first-hand how and when to make or break aliances, when to keep the peace and when to wage war. This club is coached by former Diamond student Grace Yang. 
    drama image
    Advisors: Ms. Richards
    Room: 180
    Grade Level: 6-8

    Description: Diamond Drama will be hosting monthly workshops after school for any students who would like to gain more experience, stretch their skills, and learn even more about special topics in theatre! Sign ups for each workshop will be announced on diamonddrama.weebly.com as well as being posted outside room 180 across from the auditorium. 



    Advisor: Ms. Doonan
    Room: 2002
    Grade Level: 6th grade only
    Enrollment Limit: 20 students

    Description: Are you a 6th grade girl who loves math? There is a place for you at Girls into Math(GIM), an introduction to the variety of math competitions offered at Diamond. We will explore many different topics (Probability, Algebra, Geometry, Permutations,etc.) to build a strong foundation for math competitions. The hope is to provide a place for girls to get interested in math and most importantly, have fun. All skill levels are welcome to join.

     gsa logo
    GSA (Gay/Straight Alliance) - WEDNESDAYS 
    (This club is on a drop-in basis - no registration necessary - all welcome)
    Advisors: Ms. Levy & Ms. Vosland
    Room: 238
    Grade Level: 6-8

    Description: What is the GSA all about?
    1. Helping Diamond be a safe place for all
    2. Creating a safe space for support of GLBTQ students, allies, families, and friends
    3. Creating a safe space to explore identity
    4. Creating opportunities for activism and education
    The Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA) is a club that provides a safe, supportive, and welcoming environment for frank and honest discussion of issues related to sexual and gender identity, family, and equality at Diamond and in the larger community. All students are encouraged to attend, especially those interested in examining issues related to the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer experience.
     ****no regular signups for this club****
    Students participate in GSA on a drop-in basis - no registration required. Speak with Ms. Levy or Ms. Vosland for more information.

     homework club
    Advisors: Ms. Casey, Mr. Decker, Ms. Edelman
    Room: 1013
    Grade Level: 6-8

    Description: Students may drop in Monday through Thursday to get help with homework or just have a quiet place to work. There is no need to register for this club - it is on a drop-in basis.
    date club
    (Intersectionality - Diversity - Empowerment - Action - Solidarity)
    Advisors: Ms. Kirigin & Ms. Shand
    Room: Library
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Description: Do you want a space where you can share and embrace who you are as an individual? Would you like to have discussions on issues that matter to you? Do you want to learn more about the rich cultural and ethnic diversity in our school community? Have you been looking for a way to build a genuine sense of unity among diversity at Diamond? Bring a friend and come with ideas on topics you feel passionate about and action projects you want to start. Together, we will build a community where we can comfortably exchange norms and ideas and develop meaningful relationships across difference. Let's build a space where we can have honest, meaningful, and respectful dialogue on issues related to who we are and what we care about! All are welcome!

     best buddies
    Advisor: Mr. Powers
    Room: 176
    Grade Level: 6-8

    Description: The goal of this club is to foster meaningful friendships between students with diverse talents, abilities, and interests.

     magic the gathering
    Advisor: Ms. Murphy
    Room: 225
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Enrollment Limit: 24 students
    Description: Come learn or just play Magic the Gathering! Whether you are just starting or a master, come join us on Thursday afternoons to share the magic of Magic the Gathering. Playing cards are available. Students may also bring their own.
     model UN
    Advisor: Mr. Bosbach
    Room: 210
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Enrollment Limit: Interested students should check in with Mr. Bosbach Wednesdays after school
    Description: Learn the skills of writing resolutions, negotiating agreements, and researching international problems and issues. Optional Saturday conference March 2 @ Bentley University.

     spanish club


    Advisor: Sra. Fajardo
    Room: 147
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Maximum Enrollment: 20 students
    Description: We will be learning more about the Latino and Hispanic culture through cooking, readings, movies, games and more! Homework help will be available as well.

     7th student council

    STUDENT COUNCIL - THURSDAYS (before school)

    Advisors: Ms. Wettstone & Mr. Sideman
    Room: 1005
    Description: Members of the Student Council will meet before school to develop and discuss ideas to improve the Diamond Middle School community. Students from all grades are welcome and encouraged to help. See Mrs. Wettstone or Mr. Sideman with any questions.
     mural painting  


    Advisors: Ms. Alexander & Mr. Aman
    Room: 150
    Grade Level: 8th graders only
    Maximum Enrollment: 15 students
    Description: This club will continue the awesome work of last year's Mural Club, focusing on doing mural work within the school. Students will learn about muralists and their pieces, practice mural and painting techniques, and design and propose murals for the walls of Diamond Middle School. Students interested in improving their skills and leaving a legacy should apply!

    Advisor: Mr. Aman
    Room: 138B
    Grade Level: 6-8
    Enrollment limit: Interested students should check in with Mr. Aman
    Description: Yearbook is an opportunity to capture moments throughout the school year by designing a yearbook for family, friends, students, and faculty of the William Diamond community. Students will learn to edit and organize their own captured photographs from the 2018-19 school year. This club asks of its members dedication, commitment, and strong work ethic once a week on Thursdays after school in Room 138B.
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