• LPS School Facility Usage Procedures
    To Request Use: (Full Information for use of Facilities can be found at:  http://www.lexingtonma.gov/dpf/deptofpublicfacilities.cfm
    You must print out the Use of School Facilities Request.
    Mail the completed request form and the check (made out to the Town of Lexington and forwarded to the Department of Public Facilities).
    Guidelines For Use of School Facilities
     It is the policy of the Lexington School Committee to permit responsible individuals or organizations (where the main purpose is to benefit the citizens of Lexington) the use of school buildings to the extent that there is no interference with the educational programs.  The complete control of school buildings and equipment is by l aw vested in the School Committee and the administration of the Rules and Regulations governing the buildings is delegated to the Superintendent of Schools or his designee.
    Rules and Regulations
    1. There are certain  restrictions upon the use of school property and the building.  User is solely responsible for the fulfillment of the regulations for the fulfillment of the regulations of the following:
    A. State Department of Public Safety.
    B. State and Local Fire Laws.
    C. State and Local Police Laws.
    D. Internal Revenue Admission Laws.
    E. State Laws Relating to Rental of School Facilities.
    2. In addition, the building user is responsible for damage to the school property and may be required by the school authorities to provide police and/or fire protection at the building user's expense.  The building user may be required to obtain liability insurance as a condition of the rental.  (Neither the School Department nor its custodian on duty assumes any responsibility for liability.)
    3. When school buildings are used for purpose other than for school use, additional expenses, including heating, lighting and other operational expenses (wear and tear) are incurred by the public school system.  Therefore, charges are made by the Lexington Public Schools to cover these costs.
    4.  The School Committee has determined the rates to be charged based upon the following classifications:
    • Class A:

      For which there are no rental charges, i.e. School or Town sponsored activities and Scout Groups (as per specific vote of the Town Meeting - Article 42 -1956)

      The organization or department must provide sufficient supervision of the group's participants while the event is taking place and until all participants leave the building and/or grounds.

    • Class B:

      For which there are both rental and custodial charges.
    5. School property is available only when a regular school custodian is employed to supervise and to protect the building.  The custodians are to be paid at the rate published in Section 20.  Rates are subject to change in order to remain within the guidelines set forth in the Agreement between the Lexington School Committee and the National Association of Government Employees (NAGE).  The charge for Custodial Services will at no time be waived for Organizations that do  not fall into the category of a Class A rental.
    6. School kitchens are available only when proper lunchroom employees are employed (at an additional expense) to supervise and protect the interests of the Lexington Public Schools except for functions sponsored y and directly benefiting the Lexington Public Schools.  (THis section deals with use of kitchen facilities after school hours.)
    7. Equipment of the building user, such as scenery and furniture, may not be moved into or out of the building during school hours.
    8. On days when school has been cancelled because of emergency conditions, the school buildings may not be available. However, all scheduled use will automatically be cancelled unless the renter contacts the school being rented to confirm the availability of the school.
    9. The Lexington Public Schools will not be responsible for the cancellation of an application for the use of school property in case of an emergency which results in the closing of a school building.
    10. In all cases where gymnasiums are used of athletic purposes, participants are required to wear athletic shoes.
    11. Exceptions to these rules and regulations can be made only the Superintendent or his/her designee.
    12. These Rules and Regulations for Use of School Facilities cover all functions/events which are held in the Lexington Public Schools after 4:00 PM Monday- Friday and anytime on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays.
    18a. All custodial charges for Class A uses must be covered by the sponsoring school's custodial overtime budget, or the Town Department sponsoring the activity. (This section deals with payment of custodial charges).
    19. Rental Charges are as follows:  (per Night/Day)

    High SchoolMiddle SchoolElementary School
    Auditorium   $500$400$300
    Science Lecture Hall$400

    Field House$500

    Locker Rooms$200

    Classrooms$100 + $25.00$100 + $25.00$100 + $25.00

    $100 + $25.00
    Custodial Fees$35.50/Hour weekdays
    $43.25/Hour Saturday, Sunday, Holidays

    Custodial Fees: The hourly rate for custodial services will be adjusted annually to coincide with the salary agreement between the Lexington Public Schools and the National Association of Government Employees. The base rate effective July 1, 1997 will be $35.20 per hour for weekday use and $43.25 per hour for Saturdays, Sundays and Holidays.
    *Sound/Lighting Staff $10.00 (Per Night/Day) 
    • All use of school facilities which is beyond the scope of the curricular and extra-curricular activities of the Lexington Public Schools must be accompanied by an approved Request for Use of School Facilities Form.
    • All Request for Use of School Facilities Forms must be signed by the Principal, Head Custodian, and the Director of Facilities, Grounds and Support Services.
    • Payment for facilities along with estimated custodial and equipment fees must be made thirty (30) days in advance of the first use date. Checks must be made out to The Town of Lexington and forwarded to the Director of Facilities, Grounds and Support Services.
    • Additional charges will be billed to the requesting organization by the Director of Facilities, Grounds and Support Services as soon as possible after the final date of use. Payment is required within ten (10) days.
        44.    The minimum payment shall be for three (3) hours when it is necessary for a custodian to return to the building from his home in order to fulfill the assignment. If it is not necessary for a custodian to leave the building, then the hourly rate shall prevail with no minimum set. Custodians working overtime for more than one full hour, or a fractional part thereof, shall be paid to the next nearest quarter of an hour. Custodial fees shall include a minimum charge of one (1) hour before and one (1) hour after the event.
    The custodian on duty shall be responsible for the supervision of the building and equipment, safety precautions in the building, cleaning of the building after its use, and for any services required by the rentee in accordance with the use of the facilities approved.
    It is the custodian's responsibility to the rentee to make inquires as to th type of service needed by the rentee and to make his whereabouts known so that he will be available at any time his services are required. Depending upon the nature of the rental and the area being rented, the School Department may require the Rentee to have two or more custodians on duty, in addition to police protection.