Lexington Technology Department Logo
    The Technology Department at Lexington Public Schools is comprised of the IT Operations group and Digital Learning Coaches.  Lexington Public Schools is committed to the full utilization of technology to enhance student learning and staff instruction. Students enjoy exciting programs and systems that afford worldwide connectivity. Both stationary and portable computer labs, outfitted with state of the art equipment as well as a variety of educational and productivity applications and software, are available to students at all grade levels. In our schools, all instructional spaces are completely networked and have access to the Internet. All of the LPS school buildings have full managed, robust wireless network to support teaching and learning. The District also has put in place several administrative systems to support student information, financial systems, collaborative and communication services. Lexington Public Schools has constructed an up-to-date network linking all schools websites under a comprehensive District website.

    Director of Innovation and Instructional Technology
    (781) 861-2580 X 68099
    IT Operations Coordinator
    (781) 861-2580 X 68099
    Digital Learning Coaches/Staff:
    Rachel Kuberry, Assistive Technology - District Wide  website
    Lisah Rhodes, Elementary Schools - Bowman, Hastings & Fiske 
    David Wininger, Elementary Schools - Bowman, Hastings & Fiske 
    Traci Jansen, Elementary Schools - Bridge, Estabrook & Harrington 
    Julie Spang, Elementary Schools - Bridge, Estabrook & Harrington 
    Eddie Davey, Clarke Middle School 
    Howard Wolke, Diamond Middle School    
    Ann Kim Tenhor, Lexington High School