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    Discovery Education

    Discovery Education provides digital image, audio and video resources by content area and/or grade level.

    WEBSITE:  http://www.discoveryeducation.com/

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    Discovery Education is a subscription service that each school in LPS has access to. 
    Each individual teacher or grade level team can create their own account/login.  Team accounts offer the added bonus that teachers can select and mark resources for use - easily sharing them across the grade-level team.
    Once logged-in, the site provides videos, documents, images and more.  These resources are available to download and use in the classroom. Everything is pre-vetted by Discovery Education, and the site is very easy to use. There are files available for almost every content and grade level, so it's a good place to start searching if you are looking for some multi-media options to enhance your classroom experience.
    Resources are aligned to the ages and stages of the selected target audience. 

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    Additional Accounts can be created for teams, departments or individuals.
    Sign-in to School Wires to view account activation codes and directions here.




    Video in the classroom is great for

      • building background knowledge
      • transitioning students
      • extending exploration
      • helping students make connections


    Video offers options your students can't achieve, inside or outside the classroom

      • virtual field trips not possible by other means
      • animations of non-viewable processes
      • historical re-enactments 
      • ... so much more.




      Discovery Streaming resources are searchable in 4 ways:

      • by keyword search
      • by content area
      • by grade level
      • by curriculum standards (Mass State Frameworks)


      Sometimes a full length video is perfect ...  but sometimes they are too long - and lose their ability to engage. 
      Discovery Streaming makes this easy by segmenting their videos.   
      Use just the portion you need - to achieve YOUR teaching goals.
           Use Video Segments ...
      • to introduce a topic
      • springboard a discussion
      • act as a writing prompt
      • transition your students and invoke their schema
      • the sky's the limit ... 

      • Discovery videos are downloadable - and some are even edit-permissible.
      • With these editable videos, students can record their own narration.
      • Explaining what they know can help students clarify their own understanding.
      • Listening to their explanations can help you understand your students' grasp of the material.



      You can mark videos and other resources as 'My Content'.  

      This will make it easier to find the resources you've selected in the future 

      ... and with grade level accounts, you can easily share them across your team.
      • There are as many ways to use Discovery's resources - 
      • as there are teachers!
      • Talk to your colleagues...  Discuss past uses - and explore future ideas!


         Click here for a collection of tutorial videos covering:

         Once You've Logged In (The on-screen environment)
         Conducting a Search - Basic
         Conducting a Search - Advanced 
         Conducting a Search by Curriculum Standards
         Downloading a Video
         Streaming a Video
         Streaming vs. Downloading
         More to Explore - Related Resources (Teacher Guides, Black Line Masters, etc.)
         Using the Image Library
         Using Video Details 
         The Streaming Calendar (topics and events organized by date) 
         The Teacher Center
         The Students Center
         What is the DEN? 

      Watch here for a video on searching the videos and saving to 'My Content':



      Other Resources: