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    Lexington High School  (LHS) utilizes FirstClass collaboration software to provide a suite of academic tools, including: e-mail, shared class conferences, submitting assignments on-line, web page development, and collaborative student projects. Clubs and other school groups use it to transmit activity notices and calendars. Students can, and should, access FirstClass in school and from home or a public library. Student conduct regarding these accounts will be regulated by the same expectations that govern behavior on campus and the attached Acceptable Use Policy.

    We expect all students to take advantage of the communication tool, and instruction on how to access and use the tools will be provided at school. Thus, we have assigned each student a FirstClass Login Name, Internet address, and Password. If you have turned in your signed permission form, you should have received your account information in your homeroom at the beginning of school.   Accounts are assigned to you when you enter LHS for your use while you attend LHS.  If you cannot locate your login information, please check in with your Dean's secretary.
    Access FirstClass From Home
    There are two ways to access the FirstClass system.  You can go to http://sch.ci.lexington.ma.us  and enter your login information.  This is handy for occassional access but  this is NOT.  We recommend that you down the first class client to your computer  and set it up for use. 
    Please follow the instructions carefully.   If you have problems, you can visit the computer center in room 158 of the Main Building at anytime for help.
    If you would like to forward your FirstClass to another account, please follow the instructions below.
    There is a FirstClass client available for iPhone and iPad devices from the Apple site.  Follow the same set up.