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Fiske School PBIS Matrix

School Wide PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support)

Many parents may have heard their child talk about getting WHOO Cards, sitting in the “Owl’s Nest”, having lunch with the principal/assistant principal, or taking part in our school wide “dance party” every two weeks for earning 500 WHOO Cards.  All of those things are part of our School Wide PBIS system. 

PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Intervention and Support. It is a program designed to teach respect, responsibility, and safety at school. At Fiske, part of our job is to encourage students to continuously make good behavior choices through this program.

PBIS provides teachers and other school staff with information to help prevent behavior problems and make school a safe learning environment.

Research shows that the use of PBIS in school has resulted in increased time for instruction. It also increases positive behaviors school wide, and decreases disruptive behaviors.

How Does It Work?

PBIS school teaches the expectations to all students and provides frequent opportunity to practice. PBIS school provides a consistent, predictable, and fair use of consequences for all students.  At Fiske we teach students what Respect, Responsibility and Best Effort look like in all school settings through our school’s PBIS matrix. 

When we see students meeting those expectations, we give them WHOO Cards as a form of positive recognition, which also gives them a chance to participate in school wide incentives mentioned at the beginning of this newsletter article. 

What Can Parents Do

  • Read and discuss the Behavior Expectations Matrix found in the headlines section of our school website.
  • Ask your child if they’ve earned any WHOO Cards and ask them why they earned them. 
  • Review the Behavior Expectation Matrix with your child if he or she experiences behavior problems in school
  • Work on a plan to help them with strategies for appropriate behaviors
  • Support teacher and administrative behavior decisions
  • Discuss problems privately with staff
Click on this link to view our School Wide PBIS Expectations Poster: Fiske PBIS Poster