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Hastings Heroes

Hastings Heroes: Who are they? What do they do? How can we acknowledge them?
Last year Hastings Guidance Counselor Celeste Freeman worked with fifth grade students to develop our positive behavior support acronym: Hastings Heroes. The purpose behind creating the Hastings Heroes continues to be to explicitly state, model and celebrate pro-social behaviors in our school setting. Our goal is to promote care for others, self-confidence, strong social skills, and active citizenship among our students.
The Hastings Heroes letters denote the qualities we want to demonstrate and observe in all members of our school community: Helpful, effort, respect, opportunity, excellence, and self-control. What do these qualities look like when we put them into practice at Hastings?
Being Helpful means keeping areas of the school clean, being courteous towards others, using materials and equipment properly. Effort translates into being on time, listening the first time a direction is given, taking risks and trying new tasks. Respect is visible when we use caring words and kind behavior, treating others as we want to be treated. Opportunity arises when we look for ways to do the right thing, find ways to include others in our work and play, problem solve with peers and then others. We demonstrate Excellence when we model expected behavior, and we use Self-Control when we use expected behavior, keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves, and demonstrate good sportsmanship.
Hastings Heroes know that “I Can Do It!” shows our willingness to strive towards being heroic in our actions and words. You can see Heroes in action when children open and hold hallway doors for one another, thank others appropriately, share their supplies, help each other with learning, bring new friends into games at recess. At every grade level, children are able to understand and participate in behaviors that create a safe, welcoming and respectful school environment.