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2018-2019 Course Registration & Info

If you are not currently a registered LPS student, registration for the 2018-2019 School Year is now open!  Please visit the Central Registration Website for more information. 


Welcome to our 2018-2019 Course Registration Resource Page

Provides you the opportunity to share information about your child that will help in team placement.  
Description of the courses offered in middle school.
Online Registration: All students will be registering for their 2017-2018 classes through the Aspen Student Portal
6th Grade Registration (current 5th grade students)
March 28th: 5th Grade Parent Presentation in Clarke Auditorium (7pm)
March 29th - April 6th: Online Registration in Aspen Student Portal
7th Grade Registration (current 6th grade students)
7th Grade Parent Letter
May 19-25: Online Registration in Aspen Student Portal
8th Grade Registration (current 7th grade students)
May 19-25: Online Registration in Aspen Student Portal  

9th Grade Registration (current 8th grade students) 

March 2-8: Online Course Registration
March 15: Student Review (appeals) form due
March 30: Course verification forms mailed home