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Homework Policy - Amended on June 29, 2017




File: IKB




Homework is work assigned by educators and completed by students outside of classroom time that supports and enhances learning of the curriculum. It should reinforce, supplement, and/or extend learning in ways that help enrich the school experience.


The purpose of homework may vary according to curricular needs, as determined by the educator. Homework can be used to reinforce concepts or skills, prepare for classroom work/discussion, initiate thinking about new ideas, practice skills or apply principles in novel situations, promote critical thinking, encourage reading, develop communication, foster independence, or serve other learning goals.


Homework is not required, but when it is assigned, educators will create homework that is: 

·      Meaningful and valuable to the learning goals of the curriculum

·      Necessary and relevant to classroom learning and/or real-life experiences

·      Manageable for students to complete with reasonable time and effort

·      Developmentally appropriate for students in terms of time, scope and expectations


In addition, homework should:

a.     Have a clear purpose, which is communicated to students

b.     Allow students and educators to gain a sense of a student’s understanding and provide opportunity for constructive feedback

c.     Be returned by educators in a manner that provides students with timely and meaningful feedback

d.     Accommodate students with specific learning needs or individualized education plans


All Lexington schools shall adhere to the following requirements:

1.     Homework will not be assigned to be completed during legal or religious holidays recognized by the School Committee and listed on the approved LPS calendar. This applies to all students.

2.     Homework will not be assigned to be completed during school vacations that occur within the academic year.

3.     Following an excused absence, a student will be allowed a reasonable amount of time to submit homework missed due to the absence.


The Superintendent or designee shall ensure that an effective homework plan is implemented at each school site consistent with School Committee Policy IKB.


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