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MANDATORY AP Pre-Admin Meeting for all AP students

There will be a MANDATORY AP Pre-Administrative meeting for all students taking an AP exam every day after school at 2:30pm in the ILDC (Formerly SLH) on Monday, April 22nd, Tuesday April 23rd, Wednesday April 24th and Friday April 26th. It is REQUIRED for all students taking AP exam(s) to attend one of these sessions in order to fill out the administrative paperwork needed to take their exams.  Students, please arrive promptly at 2:30pm and plan to stay for approximately 30 minutes. Thank you in advance for your cooperation and attendance.  Please also plan to stay for the duration of the session. For any questions, please email Guadalupe Puim at or reach her by phone at 781-861-2320 x69099.

There will be two Pre-Administrative session during Iblock on April 24th and April 30th, space will be limited. Students are able to book Iblock under enrichment to secure spot.

To sign up for a Pre-Administrative session for either the after school session or Iblock session, fill out the following form:

2019 AP Pre-Reg Student Form

Please see AP Coordinator, Guadalupe Puim in Room 152 for any questions or concerns.