The major portion of income for the operation of the public schools is derived from local property taxes, and the School Committee will attempt to protect the valid interest of the taxpayers. However, the first priority in the development of an annual budget will be the educational welfare of the children in our schools.
Budget decisions reflect the attitude and philosophy of those charged with the responsibility for educational decision-making. Therefore, a sound budget development process must be established to ensure that the annual operating budget accurately reflects this school system's goals and objectives, set annually by the School Committee.
In the budget planning process for the school system, the School Committee will strive to provide for the educational needs of Lexington students, the Superintendent will develop a fiscal budget that will:
a. Ensure all legal mandates will be met.
b. Include sufficient operating and capital funds to be responsive to projected enrollment growth and corresponding staffing and facility needs.
c. Continue to identify and plan alternatives that will provide services in more cost-effective ways.
d. Identify ways to reduce costs, if there are not sufficient monies available to fund a level service budget
The Superintendent will have overall responsibility for budget preparation, including the construction of, and adherence to, a budget calendar and preparation manual for staff.
The annual budget resources are identified collaboratively through a series of Summit Meetings between the School Committee, Assistant Superintendent of Finance and Operations, Board of Selectman, Town Manager, Assistant Town Manager for Finance, with input from both finance committees, the Appropriation Committee and the Capital Expenditures Committee.
In an annual collaborative planning process between the School Committee and the Superintendent, the School Committee will identify annual budget priorities that the Superintendent will include when crafting a recommended budget.
When resources permit, the School Committee will strive for continuous improvement and the Superintendent’s proposed budget will include sufficient operating and capital funds to:
  1. continue the current level of services,
  2. move the district forward in meeting the increasing demands for technology our different education settings.
  3. Ensure professional staffing guidelines will be met.
  4. Maintain capital assets in order to support the instructional program, protect the physical assets of the Town of Lexington, and ensure the health and safety of our students and staff.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015