The School Committee shall designate by vote one member who will sign the payroll presented by the School Business Administrator. Said vote shall be provided to the Town Comptroller and Town Treasurer.
The employee serving in the School Business Administrator role or designee shall sign payroll presented for approval.
The Town Treasurer, who also serves as the school department treasurer, signs all checks drawn against school department funds. No other signature is valid unless allowed by statute.
The School Committee shall designate purchase order and/or contract signature authority as follows:
  1. The School Chief Procurement Officer shall sign attesting to procurement laws being followed.
  2. The School Business Official shall sign attesting to available funds to pay for the purchase.
  3. Town Counsel shall sign as to form for contracts over $100,000.
Three members of the School Committee shall sign accounts payables batches/warrants for each warrant.
The School Business Administrator shall sign all accounts payable batches presented for approval.
The Superintendent will sign payroll warrant and accounts payable batches in the absence of the School Business Administrator.
LEGAL REF.: M.G.L. 41:41; 41:52

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015
Revised/Adopted by Lexington School Committee:  April 25, 2016