1. Students in grades K-6 shall be transported without charge if they live two miles or more from the school to which they are assigned.
  2. Students who are not entitled to transportation between home and school free of charge may purchase a ticket to ride the bus for the school year in accordance with rates approved by the Lexington School Committee.  Lexington families who purchase tickets after the designated registration period will be subject to availability of space on existing routes at existing stops. Procedures for requesting a waiver of the bus fee for financial reasons shall be made available to all interested persons.
  3. Distances will be measured from the sidewalk or public way in front of or nearest to the homeowner's property, to the closest entrance door of the school to the homeowner's property.
  4. The responsibility of escorting children across the street when sidewalks are only on one side and/or where the bus stop is on the opposite side of the street shall rest with the parents of the student involved.
  5. The procedure for handling behavior problems, including but not limited to inappropriate language,
  6. on school buses shall be published in each student handbook.
 M.G.L. 40:5; 71:7A, B and C; 71:37D; 71:48A; 71:68; 71:71A;
71B:4; 71B:5; 71B:8; 74:8A; 76:1; 76:12Bi; 76:14

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015