The Lexington Public Schools, in order to protect and benefit from copyrightable material prepared, developed or produced by its employees in the course of their employment, shall copyright all such material, and shall release such material only under a valid licensing agreement executed by the Superintendent of Schools.
A. Any original written, photographed or video- or audio-taped material or production prepared, developed or produced by a Lexington Public School employee in the course of* his/her employment shall be marked "Copyright, Lexington Public Schools, (Year)," except that an employee may request that the Superintendent of Schools permit him/her to copyright material him/herself. Such permission must be in writing.
B. The Superintendent of Schools shall be notified in writing immediately upon the copyrighting of any material or production under Section A of these procedures.
C. Any material or production copyrighted by the Lexington Public Schools may be released outside the Lexington Public Schools only upon the execution of a legally binding licensing agreement between the Lexington Public Schools and the person or entity seeking to use such copyrighted material.
D. If financial or other assistance is provided by any person or entity other than local, state or federal government in connection with the preparation, development or production of any copyrightable material, the Superintendent of Schools and such person or entity shall agree in writing prior to such preparation, development or production whether the Lexington Public Schools or such person or entity shall have the right to copyright the finished product.
*..."in the course of” means during school time and/or using school equipment and/or on school premises.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015