The School Committee believes that any educational program is influenced greatly by the environment in which it functions. The development of a quality educational program and school facilities that help to implement the program must go hand in hand.
Therefore, it is the Committee's goal to provide the facilities needed for the number of students in the school system, and to provide the kind of facilities that will best support and accommodate the educational program.
In planning facilities, the Committee recognizes that capital outlay funds are limited, and that priorities must be established to make the best use of the school building dollar. In developing new schooln projects that may advance the quality of facilities, the Master Plan will be updated to make every effort to include and extend these improvements across schools. Whenever possible, the cultural as well as educational needs of the community will be considered in planning facility expansions.
Architects retained by the Committee are expected to plan for simplicity of design; sound economics, including low long-range maintenance costs and efficiency in energy needs; low insurance rates; high educational use; and flexibility.
963 CMR 2.00

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015