In order to ensure a high quality of teacher and administrator performance and to advance the instructional programs of the schools, a continuous program for teacher and administrator evaluation will be established by the School Committee. Regular reports will be made to the Superintendent concerning the outcomes of these evaluations.
The evaluation process will include:
  1. The development and periodic review of techniques and procedures for making evaluations.
  2. Interpretation of the information gained in the evaluative process in terms of the objectives of the instructional program.
  3. The application of the information gained to the planning of professional learning and in-service training activities, which are designed to improve instruction and increase teacher competence.
The evaluation process will include self-evaluation, supervisor initiated observations, and teacher initiated observations.
The formal evaluations will be written and will be discussed by the supervisor and the person being evaluated. The discussions may either precede or follow the writing of the evaluation document. Copies of the written document will be signed by both parties and incorporated into the personnel files of the teacher or administrator. In addition, the individual and his department chairman (if applicable) willN receive a signed copy. The signature should indicate that the evaluation has been read and discussed.
The written evaluation should be specific in terms of the person's strengths and weaknesses. Those areas where improvement is needed should be clearly set forth and recommendations for improvement should be made. Subsequent evaluations should address themselves to any improvement or to any continuing difficulty that is observed.
M.G.L. 69:1B; 71:38; 71:38Q; 150E; 152B 603 CMR 35:00
Teachers' Agreement

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015