Extended Day Programs meet crucial needs of student for after school care, enrichment, and socialization. Among the options available, the Lexington School Committee also supports the development of extended day serviced for school-age student in programs directed by parents and located in school space when that space is available or its use for that purpose is deemed appropriate by the Superintendent. Teachers and other school professionals working together should encourage the
extended, day staff to provide continuity, a safe environment, and support for the student throughout the day.
Each school principal with an Extended Day Program in his or her building will meet regularly with the classroom teachers and the Extended Day Program Providers to resolve potential conflicts about space needs. These planning meetings will address competing requests for common areas, including but not limited to the school cafeteria, gymnasium, playground, all-purpose room, etc.
Arrangements for the cleaning and custodial upkeep of spaces used by Extended Day Programs will be made by the school principal, in consultation with the Director of Facilities, Grounds and Support Services and the Director of the school's Extended Day Program. Wherever possible, custodians will clean spaces shared by Extended Day Programs, including bathrooms and classrooms, after the Extended Day Programs have concluded their daily activities.
Each Extended Day Program will be assessed an annual fee for use of a school building (i.e. classroom and office space). The fee will be determined by applying the Rules and Regulations for Rental of School Facilities as approved by the School Committee and will include costs associated with regular cleaning of classrooms. As a "long-term renter," each Extended Day Program will receive a 75% discount in the fee.
Extended Day Programs will not be charged for common areas such as the cafeteria, gymnasium, or playground, nor will the program be charged custodial fees or utilities costs above and beyond those incorporated into the general fee as outlined above. Each year, the School Committee shall fix the annual fee for each program, upon recommendation of the Superintendent. Receipts from rental fees associated with Extended Day Programs will be used in a manner to be determined by the School Committee upon recommendation of the Superintendent.
The School Committee will be advised by the Superintendent as to the cost of providing bus service to any Extended Day Program. The School Committee will have the right to assess fees for use of buses provided by the Lexington Public Schools. The fees cannot exceed fees charged under the then current transportation policy.*
*Fee payments will be due in two installments: On December 1 and on March 2 of each school year. All Extended Day Programs are subject to the provisions, of the School Committee's policy on Use of School Buildings.
While dedicated space for Extended Day Programs in local schools may be the ideal model, space constraints within the Lexington Public Schools make shared space the reality; consequently, Lexington Public Schools classroom teachers may be expected to share classrooms with these programs when the need arises. The principal will be the final authority in resolving conflicts and will communicate that the primary purpose of the use of space in school buildings is for the curriculum and programs set by the

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015