The School Committee recognizes that class size is an important factor in quality education.
1. The School Committee will make every effort to maintain the following building-wide teacher/pupil ratios for the duration of the Agreement:
• Kindergarten: 1-18
• Grade 1: 1-22
• Grades 2-5: 1-24
The teacher/pupil ratios will be based upon the projected number of students in the budget guidelines for the coming year.
2. Principals, librarians, reading specialists, art specialists, music specialists, and physical education specialists, world language teachers, speech and language pathologists, special needs teachers, counselors, and other professional support personnel shall be excluded in the computation of the teacher/pupil ratios.
3. Children in substantially separate placements will be incorporated in the mainstreamed homeroom core lists for the computation of the teacher/pupil ratios.
4. In the event that an elementary classroom exceeds the following maxima listed below on October 1 of the school year, or on any day following October 1 of that school year, the teacher will be provided with two (2) hours per day of instructional aide assistance. The scheduling of this aide time shall be determined by the School Council.
• Kindergarten: 20
• Grade 1: 24
• Grades 2-5: 26
If any class exceeds the maxima by twenty percent (20%) or more, the class will be split. The above maxima apply to "home room" class size and not to class sizes as a result of redeployment of students for specific subjects as mutually determined between and among teachers.

Lexington Public Schools, Lexington MA
Adopted by Lexington School Committee: July 2015